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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1st sneak peek

Dreamy. Just dreamy.

Our photographer, Samuel has posted the 1st picture he took of me on his Facebook page as a preview. He's really talented and sweet and I am so glad Le bf asked him to be our wedding photographer!

The picture was actually taken in an underpass but it looks like some professional atas photo studio or something.. The power of lighting, photography & editing skills! :)

He took lots of photos and once they are ready I will upload them! But I will only upload partial views of my bridal gown cos I want it to be a surprise for the actual day! ^_^

I am in Japan now with Le bf! It's a last minute impromptu trip and I nearly had a heart attack on Monday cos we had to rush to the airport immediately after our wedding shoot! Our shoot ended at 7.15pm, we rushed back to Le bf's house after sending my sister back and reach around 8pm.. Cheong to bath & get ready, left the house at 8.40pm and reached the airport 5mins before the airline counter closes! Scary shit lah! Luckily Papa Chew is a Fast & Furious driver. :) 

We were in Yokohama yesterday and just travelled down to Shinjuku today. Unfortunately there's no time to squeeze in Sanrio Puroland or Tokyo Disneyland cos this is a business trip of Le bf's and I am tagging along to see first-hand what his work is all about. Will post pictures on Instagram/Twitter! :)

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