Saturday, March 29, 2014

Couple Spa at Damai, Grand Hyatt Singapore

Has it already been 6 months since I got married? Time really flies when you are having fun! 

For the first few weeks after both of us tied the knot, we had many questions about "How's married life?" or "When are you two having a baby?".. the questions have died down a bit, but some hardcore baby supporters are still asking us fervently when we are having a baby. Classic example is my sister who is already planning for a gender reveal party for my yet unmade baby. 

( ̄■ ̄;)!?

To celebrate our 6 months wedding anniversary, we went back to Grand Hyatt Singapore which was where we held our wedding dinner on 29th September 2013, to have a couple spa together!

Sitting area before the main entrance of the spa

Filling up our likes and preferences in the form

Huge locker & changing room. Reminds me of the Japanese Onsens!

There's a whirlpool onsen thingy, sauna, lots of shower cubicles and nice seats for us to seat down and dry our hair/do makeup.

After changing into the super comfortable bathrobe, my spa therapist whisked me off to the spa treatment room.

Walking through the tunnel of cool lights to the room.

The bath water literally smells like roses! Reminds me of bandung. Haha!

There is a separate attached bathroom which was huge! 

Le hubby is a happy boy because there is food! (●´ω`●)ゞ 

Sweet fruits on a bed of crushed ice and some tea!

I like that they placed bottle water at the corner of the room cos Le hubby is a thirsty camel. 

We had the berdua-dua couple spa treatment with a couple suite upgrade. It includes:
  • Lemon Sugar Body Polish
  • Tranquility Bath
  • Targeted Healing Treatment
  • Fruit Platter & Tea for two
I think the "best of friends" package sounds quite cool too! You can go with a good friend and have a massage, facial plus a spa lunch at Oasis. 

For more information on the spa services & prices, you can visit their website:

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