Saturday, March 1, 2014

Natas Fair & PS Cafe

We went to NATAS Fair at Singapore Expo today! Not to book any tours, but just to go and find Santi guniang and have dinner with her & Welly! She's working at the fair for 3 days on behalf of her company in Batam who sent her to Singapore to help sell Batam tours. 

I was skeptical about people paying $4 to go into the exhibition to book a cheap Batam tour but she told me there are weirdos who do that!!! 

Luckily Hallie managed to get us free tickets so we don't have to pay to go in! YAY HALLIE! It's been a long time since I last saw her and it's good to see her again! She was my ex-colleague in Namho and she was also Le hubby's tourleader when he went to Hokkaido for a holiday with Namho! What a coincidence right? Heeheehee!

We walked around the hall while waiting for Santi guniang to finish her shift. We avoided all booths of my ex-travel companies cos I didn't want to bump into nosey colleagues who I don't like. Honestly, a lot of people in the travel trade are a super bitchy and kpoh bunch and it's good to ignore and avoid them than get tangled in their crazy bitchy mess.

While walking around , I saw this promotion on one of the boards and it says you will get a free bonus gift if you book a Australia tour package with them. At first glance I thought it was abalone but upon closer look it says abalone sauce.


We headed to PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance for dinner! Both Santi & Welly have never been there before so we wanted to treat them to a nice dinner there. :) I was raving about the truffle fries all the way from Expo to Orchard.. it was also the first thing we ordered when we sat down.

However to my immense disappointment and anger, the stupid waiter did not key in our order for the truffle fries so it did not come! Worst of all, the kitchen was closed by the time I reminded him to serve the fries and they refused to cook it for us cos they claimed the deep fryer is emptied and cleaned out of oil!

SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!! Angry TTM!!

I threw a mini bitch fit cos I was really pissed off! That was the main reason why we came to PS Cafe and I was raving about it to my best friends and now they can't get to try it!! ROARRRR!!

So the manager offered us free desserts in an attempt to pacify me. He also offered free coffee and tea but we only ordered desserts. Each of us chose one dessert so it turned out to be quite a good deal. One plate of fries that was not served in exchange for 4 desserts!

Le hubby had carrot cake and Welly chose the same cherry pie as me. I wanted my favourite Key Lime Pie but it was out of stock.. Le sigh. The cherry tart was alright, but not as good as the lime pie.

The service was also not very good. And this outlet has a rule of one main course or salad per person. No sharing and you cannot just order desserts if you dine in here. Stupid right? I prefer the main outlet at Dempsey Hill. Le hubby gets free parking there too.

Anyway I had a great time catching up with my best friends today! We are also meeting tomorrow for supper after Santi guniang's shift! Wheeee!!!!! ^_^

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