Saturday, March 15, 2014

Momiji Japanese Buffet - City Square Mall

For our Chinese New Year family lunch last month, we went to Momiji Japanese Buffet at City Square Mall. The spread looks good but the food is so-so. Considering it's less than $30 per person, cannot hiam too much.

I enjoyed the company more than the food.

Honestly, after you've been to Japan and tried the Japanese food there.. most of the so called "Japanese food" in Singapore is a joke. The quality is horrible and the presentation is.. T_T. It's like eating Chicken rice in another country which can never compare to the original one back here in Singapore.

Hope I can get a chance to fly to Japan soon! I miss the food there!

The highlight of the meal was the free flow Haagen Daz icecream! And they have 2 of my favourite flavours! Macadamia Nut + Rum & Raisin! The other 2 flavours were Green Tea & Chocolate.

I didn't really eat much because it's mostly seafood or "filler food", but I like the scallops with mentaiko sauce a lot.

However, the quality is not consistent and some of them are not fresh.. so it's sort of a lucky draw when you order this dish. Just take the coloured clips on your table and clip it on a stick which is located beside the raw scallops. The chef will cook it and a waiter will send it to your table. Same goes to the other hot pot dishes.

The chawanmushi was quite bad.. overcooked & too salty.

The california handroll was also bad.. ingredients were of low quality & the rice is those cheap type.. -_-

Didn't even touch the desserts corner except for the bananas which I added into my ice cream to make a Banana split.

The sisters-in-law kiapping the fried food.. The squid & chicken was nice.

Free flow drinks!
Avoid the weird teas in the dispensers.. they are like sugar water. Urgh.

Shall end the post with a picture of my cousins-in-law, Marcus & Sheirse who were our flowerboy & flowergirl. :)

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