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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Le hubby baked a cake for me! ❤

Le hubby baked a cheesecake for me! FINALLY!

A few years ago, while we were still friends, I saw him posted on Facebook pictures of a Blueberry Cheesecake that he baked. I forgot how long it was until I went to his FB account to look for the pictures. It was back in February 2010, so that's more than 4 years ago!

I print-screened the pictures he posted... 

I forgot that I commented on his album until I scrolled down and saw them! Wow! Time really flew pass so quickly! We were just good friends back then and now he is my husband! EEEEEKKK! Sometimes it's so surreal when I think about our journey from strangers - classmates - good friends - couple - husband & wife. 

As you can tell from the comments, I am not a Mcdonald's fan since way back and unfortunately he loves fast food. A lot. Whenever we go out, it's always Mcdonald's or Carl's Junior. Urgh. I have to force him to go and eat other food cos I really don't like fast food. After hanging out with me he discovered new places for food.. hahaha!

His best friend Clement also wanted to bake, so the two boys went to buy the ingredients on 1st May which was a public holiday, and came back home to bake. The weather was so hot that day so I hid in our room (with the air-con!!) while they were at the kitchen doing the baking.

Tadah! The yummy cheesecake!
He did not butter the side of the pan so it did not come off smoothly, that's why it looks a bit deformed. And He added so much digestive biscuits cos he knows I love the base of the cheesecake more than the cake itself (I am very weird hor?). He was so worried that I won't like it cos it doesn't look pretty and the digestive biscuits are not uniform in height (it looks like a lot but it actually slopes down and the middle of the cake has less base).

But hey.... no matter what... my hubby, who doesn't cook doesn't clean doesn't like the heat, stayed in the kitchen for 3 hours to bake me a cake! And it's delicious! I am not biased cos his mother & sisters tried it and said it was good. It's super cheesy & gooey, just the way I like it.. and the base is so nice!

Le hubby told me it's a Kinder Bueno cheesecake, but unfortunately he don't know what happened to the Kinder Bueno.... it "disappeared" after he baked the batter! LOL! He put in 3 whole packets of Kinder Bueno into the batter but when we cut the cake, there's no traces of it at all! So strange right? I mean.. the Kinder Bueno is brown and the batter is white..... so where did it go? I asked him if he accidentally ate all the Kinder Bueno while baking cos Clement baked a Oreo cheesecake and he said he ate half of the oreo cookies before he baked the cake. Hahahahhahaha! He insisted that all the Kinder Buenos went into the batter and somehow it got absorbed and disappeared. LOL!

When I met up with Wany & Nat earlier today and told both of them that he baked a cake for me, the both of them simultaneously cheered happily and said "YAY!!!!". I was like "Ehh... what's with the cheering?" . They told me that one of the wedding vows that Le Hubby read out from the board during our gatecrash is for him to bake me a cake! I forgot about it and both of them remembered! Awwwww...

~ヾ(^∇^) Thank you Le hubby for the effort! I love you! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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