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Joanna's 21st birthday party!

My baby sister's 21st birthday party!

I have been nagging at her since January this year to start planning for her party because we were in Los Angeles and we could get nice party supplies at low prices. I could carry them back to Singapore in my luggage so we don't have to order online to ship them in... but she said it's too early and she has not decided on the theme yet.

La di da and it's until 21st November when she decided on the theme and created a Facebook invite. Ok lah... 2 weeks notice better than nothing. Everyone is supposed to be dressed up as a Disney character and her food will have a Disney theme.

Though 40 people RSVP but 1/4 of them did not turn up at the last minute (101 reasons). Told her it's normal and it'll be the same during her wedding where people will confirm their attendance then last minute don't come. I've had people telling me stupid reasons like "My toilet spoil", "I need to move house" or worse.. "I forgot about your wedding! I thought it's next week!":.. blah blah blah. The excuses are endless. 

She designed & baked her cake the day before the party! 
*heart attack* ((*゜Д゜)ゞ”

Luckily she managed to pull it off! She wanted some elaborate Disney design but she was so tired cos she only finished her final exams 3 days before the party and didn't have much time to prepare and plan. Moreover she's flying off the next day after her party to Los Angeles, so she gave up and baked a simpler cake instead.

I told her I'm gonna be her wedding planner next time because if I leave it to her to plan her wedding, I will die of heart attack before her actual day.

Prep time!

The party starts at 2pm and a few of her good friends came at 12pm to help her with the set-up. 

Thank God for these 2 Ninja minion helpers!
Jessica & Ai Ling 
◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

Both of them designed the photobooth backdrop, thought of the games to play, helped with the decorations & setup and did so much!! 

They facebook messaged me to ask about the present I got for my sister and somehow the group chat evolved into "Ninjas" where we discussed about the party and how to help my blur sotong sister with it.

My sister wanted to rent a professional photobooth but it's around $600 for a 2-3 hours setup. The same price as a wedding package! Crazy lah! If she only managed to take 60 photos that's $10 per picture! O_O So I offered the services of my techie husband plus my old school Selphy printer that has not been used for at least 4 years, and my new Instax printer. I am also her official photographer for the party. All the pictures were taken by my dusty DSLR Canon camera which has not been touched for a looooong time too.

This is how the bucket printer looks like.

This is the ribbon backdrop that they created. So much effort can? 

They wanted me to keep it a surprise from my sister, only letting her know that they will be doing the bunting for her, so I told my sister I am doing the backdrop for her.. My sister was stressing out days before the party and asking me what colour is the backdrop, how big, blah blah blah and I just told her to worry about other stuff cos I got it covered. Then me, Jessica & Ai Ling secretly had a good laugh behind her back cos we are the secret Ninjas! Hahahaha!

Her friend Amanda came early to help out too! She was helping to cut out the Disney props that my sister drew using photoshop. #sotalented Though the size is too small.. hahahhahaha! But good effort lah!!

Props for the photobooth!

Wany contributed some dolls from her collection and I also dug out some of mine. The Woody doll is from Disneyland Anaheim (Le hubby played this shooting game and won it for me), while the Squirt doll is from Paris Disneyland. I seldom buy dolls but the Squirt doll is just toooo cute to resist. ^_^

Ah Beng hard at work setting up the printing services.

Le sis designed this really cute banner to impose on the pictures before the print out, however the file is not compatible with the Selphy printer so we can't use it. :( Le hubby tried every file format and even used different memory cards but it just doesn't work. Also, the printer doesn't come with a wire to hook up to the laptop directly.. oh wells. Old technology! 

Test shot #1
Me & Oreo!

Test shot #2
Birthday girl with Jessica & Ai Ling! 
Their dresses are so perfectly coordinated! Haha!

Test shot #3
Le hubby & Woody (Notice the shirt? Heh heh!)

Test shot #4
Wany bought a pair of Mickey & Minnie balloons along! Yay!

Test shot #5
My brother, sister & me

Test shot #7
3 of us with Le hubby!

We finally decided on the "21" balloons to float below the bunting so it doesn't cover the wordings. Le sis's friend He Jia came with a giant Hunny pot! She handpainted it especially for the party! She's my sis's roommate when she went for her student exchange in Los Angeles and I like her a lot cos she's so sweet and small & petite! 

Oreo & Jerry - Party dogs

Part of the dessert table that my sister whipped up!
The maple syrup bacon cupcakes is OMG!


Le sis + 1 of her ninja angel

Birthday girl is hungry too!

Wany is Minnie Mouse!

The two oldest people at the party. I am the 3rd oldest. Haha!

Then it's games time! 

Jessica & Ai Ling were the game-masters and they had really good ideas for the games! One of the game was them putting little slips of papers into 21 balloons and Le sis has to burst the balloons and do the dare or get one of her friend to do it.

Some of the dares were:
  • Sing karaoke to your favorite song
  • Say your thank you speech in a British accent
  • Convince three guys to lift their shirts, and take a photo with them
  • Record a hot guy giving you a Birthday shout out and have him post it on his Instagram
  • Dance like a ballerina, instead of regular walking.
  • Blindfold a friend and have them kiss three objects. Just don’t tell them what they are
  • Do a death scene, out of nowhere, as dramatic as you can
  • Spin everyone on the spot 10 times, then have them walk in a straight line
  • Try to make the person next to you laugh. You’ve got 60 seconds.
  • Eat a spoonful of mustard or Tabasco sauce
  • Walk down the street or around the room like a zombie/an Egyptian/or sleepwalking
  • High-five the most strangers you can in 60 seconds.
  • Get 10 cheek kisses
  • Pin a coin against the wall with your nose for one min
  • Imitate a Disney Character and have everybody guess what it really is
I asked them to take a group picture outside cos the lighting was so nice! :) Not everyone is in the picture though.. Some had to leave early and some of them did not arrive yet. 

 Cut cake time!
Make a wish! Must be specific!
Gleeful expression
Cut cake!
So cute! *pinch cheeks*
Cross section of the cake. 3 layers!
Cut cake and sneaking a taste! Tsk tsk!
Her ninja angels helping to distribute the cake!
"Oops it's falling!''

My sister's birthday presents from her friends!

Le hubby and I got her a key pendant necklace from Tiffany & Co.
21st birthday must have a key! :) #oldfashioned

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