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Monday, December 15, 2014

Setting up the Christmas Tree!

Hello everybody!!
Noticed what's in my hair? It's a shiny pink bird!

It's mid December! Just 10 more days to Christmas and 2 weeks+ to a brand new year!! 

This year is passing so fast! Much faster than normal! ヽ(*´□`*)ッ

We are hosting a Christmas party at home for our cellgroup friends on Christmas Day! Thank God we agreed on a Potluck so I don't have to cook everything! I'll be contributing drinks, fruits and maybe 2 or 3 food dishes. I invited Nathaniel for the party and he's bringing a turkey! Yay! Also, he asked about the Christmas tree again..... This is the 3rd year he is nagging about the small tree we have at home!

Ok, backtrack to December 2012. Nathaniel came to our house and saw the small tree that we had at the staircase and was nagging at me and Le hubby to upgrade to a bigger tree. Le hubby said it is the same tree that their domestic helper puts up every year for the past few years and honestly no one in the family really bothers about the tree. It's there just for show for the month of December. After 1 month, Tita will keep it and put up decorations for Chinese New Year. It's just a routine. No presents under the tree, no particular theme on the decorations. Nathaniel kept nagging non-stop (in our Whatsapp messages and whenever I meet him), so I compromised and went to The Verge together with him to buy more decorations for the tree cos it was quite bare instead of buying a brand new bigger tree.

Last December he came by again and was nagging that the (same) tree is too tiny and we really need to upgrade to a bigger tree. He even volunteered to buy us a tree or give us one of his trees (he has some Xmas storeroom or something). As usual I ignored him lah. Hahahahha!

This year he came by again and he super buay tahan already cos it's the 3rd year since he last saw our tree. He proclaimed himself as the #ChristmasTreePolice and insisted that this year we MUST change to a bigger tree and he's gonna donate us his 8 feet tall tree. I told him to ask Mama Chew cos after all it's my parents-in-law's house and we need her permission. I invited him over for dinner so he can propose the idea to her.

Initially I thought she will decline his offer but she was actually really excited about having a bigger tree! Straight after dinner, both Mama & Papa Chew went around the living room to discuss the best possible space for the Christmas tree that Nat will bringing over.

All 3 of them unanimously agreed that this shall be the spot for the tree!

The next day, Nat brought over his 8 feet Christmas tree. (So siao on please!)

He even brought along a matching Christmas wreath!
#HardCore (・ัᗜ・ั)و

Setting up the tree layer by layer

Le hubby was just observing and I was just taking pictures. LOL! Not much help at all... Well, both Nat & Ray are really good so we should leave the tree assembling to the experts. Hahahaha!

 Even Brownie is curious and wants to join in! 

 We made Brownie pose after the tree was assembled.

 They carried the tree to the spot and Nat began to rearrange the branches.

Next step is to hang the lights around the tree! 

Followed by the Christmas ornaments! 

I think the fun part of putting up a Christmas tree is hanging the ornaments! I kaypoh only lah.. I was helping them hold the box of ornaments and passing the shiny balls to both of them so we can get the work done faster.

He spent $40 to buy 2 coils of shiny ribbons. 

I told him not to buy ribbons cos I have a whole box of ribbons, but he said he wanted something big and sparkly and I don't have it in my "#JasmineMiniMart. But $40 for 2 coils of ribbons that can only make 6 bows!??!?!? So expensive!!! I didn't want him to spend money cos he already has so many ornaments at home... so he went to buy them behind my back. *ROARRR*

All the ornaments are up!

Thank you my two Christmas tree elves! 

Finally it's time to turn on the lights to see the final end product...


I really love the overall look! And it's in Mama Chew's favourite colour (purples)! We left the smaller old tree at the staircase so now there's 2 trees in our house! Thank you Nathaniel for the tree! *kiss*

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