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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe

Suddenly had the mood for a weekend brunch before I slept last night so I jio Le hubby and Nathaniel to go have breakfast with me at Wimbly Lu!

15-2 Jalan Riang Singapore 358987
Tel: 6289 1489

The place can get pretty packed on weekends but it's super quiet in the morning cos most people sleep in anyways. We reached there when they just opened this morning so the place was empty!

The back area has natural daylight shining through so if you want to take nice pictures of your food & drinks, I recommend sitting along this stretch.

Since we were the first customers, we can choose to sit anyway. It was too bright sitting at the back and the sofa chairs were too low for us, so we decided to sit beside the open concept prep kitchen. Water is free flow and it's self-service. It's located right beside our table. Super convenient.

They were preparing the cakes and desserts!

Chocolates & tarts! Ooooh!

They look really good, but in my mind it's just "sugar sugar sugar"!

Christmas tree made out of sugar cookies!

For the full menu, click here!"

Food is served!
We look really sleepy... Haha!
(/ ̄(エ) ̄)
Nat looks sleepy too! And it's already like 10am in the morning!?

All of us had the cafe latte SGD5++ each.

Le hubby had the "Grand Slam" with sunny side ups.

Nat & I both had the "Grand Slam" with scrambled eggs.

Nat insisted in ordering 6 cakes (like the other when the 3 of us went to P.S Cafe). I put my foot down and refused to let him order. I restricted him to 3 cakes instead.. in the end also cannot finish!!!! Heng never order 6!!!

Rootbeer cake with vanilla ice-cream SGD6++ 

Apparently the Rootbeer cake is one of their signature dessert.. But it's not really nice.. the ice-cream is of the cheap cheap quality and the cake is so-so only. Very disappointed. The other 2 cakes/tarts were also not really good. It's just normal lor.. I just feel that the desserts are not worth the calories. 

Total bill was almost SGD100 for the 3 of us.

The service at Wimbly Lu is quite good and the ambiance is nice. But the desserts that we tried are not nice. So if you are heading there, skip the desserts unless you are not a fussy eater.

We seldom eat brunch at cafes in Singapore cos Le hubby finds it "bo hua" (not worth the money) for the type of food that they serve. So we usually only eat brunch outside when we are overseas, like in Perth or when we go on holidays. Cos their menu is more sophisticated and they serve more complex dishes which is not simple eggs/bacon/sausages which are easy to cook.

Oh well, once in a while is ok lah. More importantly is the time spent with each other and the fun conversations that we have while we are hanging out together. ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

The skies are super pretty today! Sunny day, blue skies and fluffy clouds!

It's been raining a lot recently so I am happy to see pretty skies like this. 

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