Sunday, February 22, 2015

Shangri-la Singapore - High Tea at Rose Veranda


It's Cheryl's birthday yesterday and she treated the family to a high tea at Shangri-la's Rose Veranda!

It's a family tradition now to bring the whole family out for a meal during the person's birthday. Previously the birthday person gets to choose where to go and Papa Chew & Mama Chew will foot the bill... but starting from last year, the birthday person has to pay. Which is good lah, everyone gets to eat for "free" 5 times during the other family members birthday and pay for once during their own birthday. Not fair for Papa & Mama to be paying for everyone.

There wasn't much selection but the food was good. More on quality than quantity, which I like. I don't like big buffet spreads where the food is of sub-par quality and there's only a few items that I like.

Alright.. pictures pictures pictures!

Group picture!


Le hubby and I got Cheryl a present, a personalized birthday card I bought on (Love the website!) and an angbao. Le hubby said he never bothered with celebrations or presents until he met me. Birthdays are a big deal to me and I love birthday celebrations! So now he has also learnt to appreciate birthdays a bit better now. Hahahahaha!

Happy Blessed Birthday Cheryl! :)

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