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Monday, September 14, 2015

Pineapple Party at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪
Happy birthday Le hubby!

His actual birthday is actually next week but because it's the F1 weekend and all the hotels are mad expensive so we celebrated 1 week earlier! My sister asked if I had a theme for the party cos she wanted to bake a cake for him but I couldn't think of any so she suggested a few before we decided on PINEAPPLE!

Sort of random lah but pineapple seems like a fun theme! And the suite I booked at Crowne Plaza Changi has a pool access so it's sort of a beach theme (pretend the swimming pool is the sea lah). The 3 of us arrived early at 11.45am and they allowed us to do an early check-in cos the suite was ready! Yay! And because I am an IHG member, they extended the check-out to 2pm the next day! Woohoo!

Le hubby is blowing up a coconut tree float which I bought a long long time ago for a party but I did not use it then cos the item arrived after the party due to shipment delay. Sian hor? While he was blowing up the float, my sister and I went shopping for food! There are a lot of food options in Changi Airport (best airport in the world!) and we went to Paris Baguette and Four Fingers to tabao food, then NTUC supermarket to buy drinks.

When we came back, the float is ready! So cute right! It's actually quite tall and can fit a small toddler comfortably, so I am keeping it as a mini swimming pool for my future baby. Hahahaha!

While we were preparing the food, Le hubby was blowing up the 2nd float which I borrowed from a friend. I wanted to buy the Swan version but it's so expensive! I cannot justify paying so much for something that I only use once.. And the Flamingo is also super cute (and pink), so ok lah! Heehee! After he blew it up we put it at the entrance to guard the door.

My sis made osmanthus jelly! Yum yum! She stuffed them in the fridge.

Preparing the food for our party guests!

Must take picture! #Flatlay

Stealing a chicken wing to eat cos I was hungry.. LOL!

I was afraid that there's not enough food for 6 people, but as usual my fears were unfounded cos there were some leftovers! Heehee!

The pineapple birthday cake was baked by my sister!

Added the cake in and we are ready for our party people!

While waiting for our guests, my sister went around to take pictures of the suite. I booked the Club King Suite with lounge benefits and pool-side access. There is a door from the bedroom that opens out directly to the pool Super awesome lah!

I find the walk-in closet a waste of space cos it's so big.. 

Then Welly found a use for it later. Hahahahaha!

Nat brought his Totoro cape and Pikachu suit and my sister wore it to take pictures with him! Damn funny lah! And she is holding the tail so it can be seen in pictures. LOLOL! Nat & Wany came first, followed by Santi & Welly.. after they arrived we decided to cut cake and take pictures first cos the lighting is very good (floor to ceiling windows with awesome daylight!).

Group picture time!

3 of us in yellow! (pineapple colour)

My dress (from Chi Chi London) is super pouffy! 

Happy birthday to youuuuu!""

 Mid section of the cake! 
It's a black sesame cake cos le hubby likes black sesame.

Afterwards we went out to the pool deck to chill for a bit. I asked them to bring swimwear but nobody brought lah! My sister brought extra clothes and the rest of them did not. Not fun one lehhhh! 

Le hubby is proud of the flamingo that he took so long to pump.

My sister went on it to test it first cos she is lighter than me.

Then I jumped on behind her, giving her a big scare cos she was afraid of falling into the water and messing up her hair. Why this girl so vain one? More vain than me! After a while she got off and I was happily bobbing around the swimming pool with it alone.

~ヾ ^∇^ Bye bye everyone!

The wind was so strong it pushed the float far away and I can't control it!

I had to jump off and 'tow' it back to shore.

While I was happily bobbing around, these two were filming me non-stop!

We managed to convince Nat Le wild pikachu onto the float.

He got blown far away and I had to push him back to shore. LOL!

Le hubby looking on bemusedly while I was having fun. Haha!

After a while we went back in and Le hubby turned on some music by hooking it to the speaker/radio/dunno what it is thingy.

My party confirm have game and confirm got prizes one!

To suit the theme, I dug out an old game of mine..

It's very simple to play! Each player chooses a colour and the 1st person who managed to jump all the frogs into the swimming pool wins! I paste a line and they have to shoot the frog in behind the line. We had a warm up round for them to familiarize themselves before starting.

Everyone was very excited! Hahahha! Especially me! (And I am not playing)

We played 2 rounds and both Wany & Nat won!

For dinner, we tabao Curry Times curry chicken! Super love it!

Everyone took pictures with the flamingo before they left. Wany accompanied us till 1am+ cos her mum was working at the airport. Both of us slept at 2am+ and we nearly missed breakfast cos we were so tired. Old liao!!!

Birthday presents from everyone!

I bought le hubby a limited edition Batman PS4 console a few weeks ago for his birthday present! I  wanted to buy it as a surprise for him but he was considering getting a 2nd hand one from Carousel cos he was guilty about spending money on another console when he already has the Xbox and PS3 and I was afraid he will go and buy one without informing me so I had to tell him I was already planning buying to buy 1 for his birthday present! Haiya cannot surprise him (then again, we live together so how am I gonna hide the PS4?). When we went to buy it together, I spotted the Batman version and since there were very limited sets so I decided to top up and get that instead cos it's damn chio lah! It includes the Batman game and merchandise.

The next morning we woke up for the buffet breakfast and I went for another swim with the flamingo before le hubby deflated it.

I was so sad when it was deflated cos it looks like it has been ran over by a steamroller. Poor flattened dead flamingo. :( My sister said she will buy the Swan float for me when she goes to USA during the end of the year! Wheeee! Hope she finds a good deal! 

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