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Friday, September 18, 2015

Skirt, W Sentosa

Le hubby said birthdays are never a big deal in his family but ever since we got together, it has become a bigger deal.. especially for the two of us because we don't just have 1 celebration on the actual day but the whole month is full of celebrations! Whee! I love birthdays! To me, it's more of a birth-month than birth-day celebration! LOL!

Well, we just had dinner at The Kitchen Table with his family on Monday and we are back at W Sentosa's Skirt for a romantic dinner just for the two of us. 

Remember I have $500 worth of F&B vouchers I have to use up? It's better to use it at Skirt because it has the lower discount compared to The Kitchen Table (which has a 1 for 1 offer at the moment but you cannot use vouchers to pay). Yes, so silly that the vouchers can only be used without the discount... but it is what it is. Do not sign up for the Sip & Indulge membership! Super not worth it! If you wanna know more about it, I blogged about it here.

The interior of the restaurant is so lovely. Super high ceilings, beautiful fixtures and lighting. Service was really good too. Unobtrusive but attentive. Well, considering the price of the food here.. everything better be atas to match the atas pricing.

See how high the ceiling is!

Take picture first with the natural daylight before night falls!

The menu!

There are also the aged meats in their aging cabinet

The manager brought out the special seasonal meats that are not on the menu. 

Free flow bread with some spicy oil thingy, olive oil & balsamic vinegar

BBQ Sauce to flavour the beef & Apple Bourbon to freshen your palate

Truffled Potato Puree SGD16++

Sauteed Portobello Mushroom SGD16++

Actually I forgot what we ate.. but it costs over SGD200++.  (´Д`υ)

Is it worth it? ...... Not really. I prefer Kobe beef or those top grade Japanese Wagyu beef because those melt in my mouth.. Other steaks just pale in comparison. Also, I am not really a steak person.. I don't like eating steak because it's just too much meat on the plate. When I eat a steak, I actually enjoy the side dishes more than the steak. That's why I seldom, if not never go for steak dinners. Le hubby said it's not bad but knowing how much I paid for it, he said it's not worth it.

Oh wells, romantic dinner attempt failed. ๑ΘдΘ๑

Next year I will bring him go eat Mcdonald's instead. He's always happy when I accompany him to Mcdonald's cos he is a die hard fan. I am so sick of Mcdonald's from my night shift days cos it is the only place that opens 24hrs and all I ate was Mcdonald's for a year. Every single day. I actually lost weight during that time before our wedding cos I will only eat 1 meal a day since I was always so exhausted from staying up the whole night... so thank God I did not become a fattybombom bride. 

Now I eat healthier foods but I am fatter. Ironic hor?

They gave Le hubby a complimentary birthday cake (chocolate mousse) but the one at The Kitchen Table was bigger and nicer. Whyyyyyy ah? #Freeonedonthiam


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