Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy birthday Le hubby!

I organized a Pineapple themed birthday party for him at Crowne Plaza Changi last week! We had the staycation a week before his actual day cos that's the day that Santi & Welly could make it before they went for their Bali holiday.

On his actual birthday yesterday, I asked him where he want to go and he said "Funan IT Mall". I thought he was joking but he wasn't. 

Seriously.... (¬0¬)

We spent hours walking around the mall before he bought a Samsung tab thingy for himself as his birthday present for himself. 

Pam & Vincent was there to buy computers too. Pam bought an iMac and Ah V bought a Macbook Pro. Big spenders, we are. Hahahahahaha!

Afterwards we went to buy a cake and went home for dinner with the family. The Chew family's cake of choice is Chocolate Origin (Dark Chocolate). We buy the small one, 15cm for $36. It's enough for 6 to 8 people. Super super yums and it's not too sweet which is perfect. Usually this is the cake we buy for birthday celebrations. 

My other favourite cake is the "Fickle Feline"from Cat & The Fiddle. It has 10 different cheesecake flavours in one box and all of them are really good. It's $38.90 for the 10 slices and if you sign up for an account with them you get 5% off. Put in a discount code and you get further 10% discount. I use my sister's school promo code "NUS". After all the discounts it's only around $33. Super worth it. The packaging is really nice too.

After dinner we went out with Nat & Wany for karaoke! We tabao some food and had a mini supper party together!

All of us felt so hip because we stayed out late instead of sleeping.. Being older now means we get tired more easily than a decade ago so if we go out and stay late we feel like it's a great achievement. Hahahahahaha!

The next day we met up again cos Wany want to buy a Macbook Pro to replace her current one which is super old. We went back to Challenger to look for the nice salesgirl cos she wasn't pushy and was super helpful the day before when Pam & Ah V bought their Macs. And they get commission for sales so we want to reward good service! :)

Happy Wany!

Afterwards we went to Liang Court for ramen!

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