Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jack & Jill / Kalamunda Markets

When I was in Perth last month, my manager Jenna asked me out to Kalamunda Markets with her partner and their dog! She is working from Perth now cos she just moved there in July after getting their permanent residency there. She's mostly working from home even though she lives quite near the office (20mins walk). In fact I park at her condo everyday before taking the free bus to the office to save on parking! Hahahaha!

There wasn't much food at the markets so we went to Jack & Jill!

Cafe is super busy even though we were there early in the morning!

Group picture!

Charlene, Wagsy and Jenna!

Charlene's eggs on toast!

Jenna and I ordered the same dish.. Fried chicken on waffles with miso sauce!
The fried chicken complements the waffle so perfectly!

After breakfast we walked around Kalamunda Markets together.

Lots of pretty flowers for sale!

The planters are a bit creepy but so creative!

Interesting tea sets!

I think it's my 3rd or 4th visit to Kalamunda Markets. Le hubby have not visited Kalamunda Market before because it's only held on the 1st Saturday of each month and whenever he comes it's the wrong timing. Hahaha.. hope I can bring him here one day!

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