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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Last day in Perth!

Saying bye bye to Perth (for now).

These are the stuff we bought during our few days in Perth..
Hahahahahahaha! Total luggage excluding handcarry is around 60kg.

Tabby & Doug dropped us off at the airport and I managed to get a free trolley from someone who is leaving.. If not you have to pay like AUD3 or AUD4 for a trolley. Sucks right? I don't understand why they charge for trolleys for people entering the airport. 


Luckily we have priority check-in because we are taking Scootbiz back! :)

And luckily Scootbiz allows each person 30kg check-in baggage and two pieces of handcarry if not we have to pay a lot for overweight baggage. Most of the stuff are food items which Mama Chew requested. She loves the cookies, bacon, ham, cheese and nuts from Australia. 

YAY to more leg room! :)

Ordered the chicken rice meal and it was nice! The chili was good too.

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