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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Chili's at RWS

Went to Chili's with my sister and le hubby for lunch!

I really really like the food at Chili's. I used to visit them quite often but after going to USA and eating it for a fraction of the price there.. everytime I visit the one in Singapore I feel very ripped off cos it's so much more expensive here... So I go less often nowadays unless I have a craving for good ribs, yummy chiptole chicken and corn. (Yes, becoming so aunty nowadays).

They have the BEST corn ever. 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》

Corn.. gimme corn!

I will chop up the corn so it's easier to eat. This plate has 3 corn's worth.

The ribs are really nice too, but I prefer the chicken.

Tried their new dessert but I prefer the old chocolate molten cake.

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