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Sunday, November 1, 2015

IGA Perth Royal Show 2015

I've always always wanted to attend the Perth Royal Show ever since Tabby told me about it! The first time I visited Perth 7 years ago I couldn't get my leave to be approved for the Royal Show period. After that I went back several times but the timings were always wrong somehow. So this trip I was so excited cos the Royal Show happens to fall on the dates that we are visiting! Wheee! 

The tickets can be bought online but it's cheaper to buy them from an IGA store in Perth before the event starts so I bought them when we arrived. I bought tickets for 26 Sep which is the first day of the show.
There are parking areas near the showground but there are limited spaces and I think it's quite expensive, forgot how much it was but definitely above AUD20. Private houses around the showgrounds rent out their front porch for a small amount of money for full day parking. The further away the house is, the cheaper the parking fee is. Rates start from AUD8 to AUD15. We parked really near to main entrance of the showground and paid AUD15 for the parking. There were little kids holding signs on the streets advertising their parking rates. So cute lah! Hahahaha!

First thing we checked out was the showbags! The Royal Show is famous for their showbags because they offer great value and some of the items are only available during the show. The showbags counters are spread all over the fairground.

You can actually check out the showbags beforehand on their website and narrow down on what kind of showbags you want to buy. There's even an app you can download! They will list down the price and the items in the bags. 

There are different vendors who are selling the showbags and all of them offer different stuff. 

I wanted to get the Hello Kitty ones but they were a bit too kiddy for me.

There's even magazine show bags! Tabby wanted the Women's Weekly one.

We bought the Bertie Beetle showbag which is only available during the show. It's a chocolate manufactured by Nestle and they discontinued it years ago but brought it back to sell during the Royal Show only.

After walking around and buying the showbags, we went back to Tabby's car to put them in so we don't have to lug them around. We bought a lot! On behalf of Tabby, Nat & Wany too. They all fitted nicely into her boot. Hahahahaha!

To re-enter the fairground again, you have to get an armband before you leave.

Afterwards we walked around the fairground looking at the rides, games and also the animal shows. There were lots of animal shows! Dogs, horses, cows, etc. All of them were competing to be the "Best in Show", and the results will be published on their website.

The admission ticket does not include games or rides so they are all separate costs. It adds up to a lot if you do everything in the fairground.. I wouldn't recommend the rides because they look a bit dodgy and very expensive... Like AUD8 per ride or something. Crazy crazy crazy.

I love this Adventure Time game booth! The toys are so colourful!
I didn't try it cos chances of winning is quite low. Not like fishing! Haha!

There was a sheltered area where they showcased jams, cakes, chocolate, etc. There was a demonstration class too. 

So many pretty cakes!

I really like this with the orchids. Looks really real.

This wedding cake looks awesome too!

Bought an overpriced macaroon which tasted horrible. Eew.

We visited the farm animals exhibit and they had so many cute animals there! I love the Alpacas! Super super cute! I took many pictures of them! They comes in different sizes and colours and they are super lam nua. 
ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Resting on each other.. Awww.


I can't see it's eyes! Hahaha!

There's a banner in each pen which let you know where the alpacas are from.

This is my favourite one. It's eating from the bowl but it's so lazy, it's head is resting on the bowl. LOL!

Why so lazy one? Hahahahahaha!

What a cute idea.. 3 little pigs!

There was an area for young children to interact with the animals.

Chicks in a giant egg incubator. So ingenious.

They let the little kids hold onto the chicks and pet them.

Also little piglets! Each kid gets 1 piglet to play with, under supervision.

The bunny cages are in these giant carrorts. So cool! They will put the bunnies in a blanket and place them on the kids' laps so they can stroke it gently without scaring the bunnies.

 (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡ 
Time to show what we got from the show! Showbags time! 

 This is what Tabby got for AUD15 in her Women's Weekly Bag.

 And these are what were in the other bags!

We got bags from Peppa Pig (for le hubby's god-daughter) and I got the Bertie showbag for myself. The rest belongs to Nat & Wany.. Hahahahahaha!

Couldn't fit them all into our luggage so I dig around the house for a carton box.

Follow the updates on the official website for next year's show!

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