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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birthday treat from Brendan @ PS Cafe!

Brendan came and picked me up from work yesterday..

I made him wait for 2.5hours! T_T" I had so much work to do!! I keep telling him "I am leaving soon" but I couldn't leave cos new emails keep coming in. :(

Lucky he did not strangle me!! Heehee!

He also gave me my birthday present! It's a super cute pink leather Kindle cover! Niceee!! I will tweet about it soon! :) He said sorry cos it was delivered late and he couldn't give me during my birthday party.. But it's ok cos he brought home my Kindle before my party and returned it on that day with over 800+ ebooks! Most of them were what I "ordered" from him! YAY!

Our initial plan was to go to Vivocity for dinner but he drove over to my workplace after a 1.5hrs wait there for me and waited another 1hr at the taxi stand before I appeared! Oops! As it was quite late by then, he drove me to Dempsey Hill's PS Cafe for a late dinner and the food was yums! Super romantic and cool chillout place!

Thank you for the treat! <3

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