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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birthday present from Elson!

Met Elson for dinner at BaliThai at Nex Mall earlier on.. We are supposed to meet at 7.30pm, 1.5 hours after I officially finish work but I only arrived around 8.15pm!! :( I feel so bad for making him wait so long, so I treated him to dinner.. Moreover he did not get to come to my birthday party as he needed to work.. come to think about it.. maybe he should treat me for missing my party! LOL!

Anyway it's been years since I ate at BaliThai.. the last time I did was at Tampines Mall with my mum and 3rd Aunt after I bought a Sony Ericsson phone with my own money. I was 17. Wow! That's like 8years ago! Madness!

Anyway, the menu is kinda confusing cos it's Indonesian food and Thai food together.. 

Chicken Tom Yum Soup. Super sour. I don't like it.

BBQ Chicken... Yums!

Pandan Chicken! Love it! :D

It's madness cos all 3 dishes are chicken and Elson is doing a Chicken Rice business now.. which means he eats Chicken everyday! LOL!

Milk Tea tastes like syrup shit. Yuck.

Red Ruby (Not nice) & Tapioca (Nice).

The food is hit and miss.. so I don't think I will be going back again.. for Thai food, the safer choice is still Thai Express.

My birthday present from him! :)

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