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Saturday, October 8, 2011

15th Braces Update!

Purple and pink for my party next Sunday!

PPP Purple,Pink,Party... it's all "P"s, get it? Hahahahaha! Okok.. Very lame I know.

Anyway, I did not update last month's braces!! It's multi coloured, green on the top and pink/white below but I did not take a picture.. That's because the Samsung camera sucks and I really hate bringing it out.. And the Canon SLR is so huge and heavy so I am so lazy to take it out to use it.

After buying the new Sony HX9V camera, I'm starting to take more pictures! :) We bought the camera at Changi Airport Terminal 1. Pipimon spent a lot of time researching on a new camera for me and we decided on this. After buying it, he saw in techie magazine that it's the No 1 digital compact camera and he's so happy with his choice! I love the camera cos it takes really pretty pictures!

My dentist Dr Anna Tang is on maternity leave so today it's Dr Choy who changed my braces for me.. His technique is so much different than Dr Tang. Both of them are good, but I can feel that Dr Tang is more specialized in braces. Dr Choy is more gentle though.. Hahaha! And he is more throughout that Dr Tang. Anyway, she'll only be back on 19Nov.. So next month I will be seeing Dr Choy again before seeing Dr Tang in December.

I'll most probably be able to remove my braces in December! ^^

Afterwards, I will do teeth whitening and then I will finally have perfect white teeth! Hollywood smile! :D


Anonymous said...

Hey, how much u spend total for Ur braces?

Jasmine Tay said...

$3500 in total.. No extraction or wisdom tooth so I didn't pay extra. It includes retainers. :)