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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I won a lucky draw! :)

There's a supplier showcase at my office where different hotels, cruise liners and airlines come to my office to showcase their products and services.

Each of us had a timetable to follow.. And as there are too many suppliers, we can only see up to 6 suppliers from the list, with only 15 - 30mins time allocated each.

There was a lucky draw at the end of the showcase, but I was not present as I was at one of the supplier's presentation when they handed out the prizes..

Imagine my surprise when I was give an envelope with my name on it when I went back to my desk! My colleagues were screaming my name like "JASMINEEEEE! YOU WON SOMETHING!" And I was like "Haiyah.. what is so good about the lucky draw? Confirm some dodgy gift one..... "

I was so shocked when I saw that the prize is.........

2 nights stay at St Regis Bangkok's Caroline Astor Suite!

It's a suite! Not just a room but a suite! And it's worth $1250 per night (without taxes)! Super happy like mad! Of course there were other prizes.. and some of them are:
  1. 1 night stay in HongKong Mandarin Oriental Hotel
  2. 2 nights stay in Langkawi Datai Resort
  3. 2 nights stay in London Hyde Park
  4. 2 nights stay in Hoi An Nam Hai Villas
  5. 2 nights stay in Monte Carlo Paris Hotel
  6. 2 nights stay in Tokyo Seiyu Hotel
  7. 3 nights stay in New York Taj Hotel
And many more! It's sheer madness cos many of the hotel stays are in suites and the prizes are worth up to $4000!

It's not even D&D but just a simple supplier's showcase and the prizes are so fabulous! I am so lucky to be able to win the Bangkok prize as it's near to Singapore and I don't have to spend a bomb on air tickets to be able to use them! :)

Maybe it's my birthday luck? :D

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