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Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday today!

But I am in the office working.. :( I did not take leave cos Pipimon is working and I have nowhere to go.. Moreover I celebrated my birthday last Sunday with a fabulous party! This is my workdesk and I am seated near the floor to ceiling window where there's a lovely seaview. :)

Today is our Employee Engagement Day! We celebrate all the October babies' birthdays and today's theme is Sari Day! I did not wear a sari cos I did not want to borrow or buy one.. If I borrow I have to dry clean it! If I buy it, I'll wear once and keep it to collect dust!

With my Team leader, Elaine!

She is really sweet and patient and I am so lucky to be seated beside her cos it's instant information and help! Hahahahhaa! :D

 With my trainer, Daphne! She trains the new hires and I love her!

Blackforest cake!

 I stuck on 10 candles! Hahahahaha!

 I won a Quality Superstar award! :) Also received rewards for compliments from our customers! Happy!

They were giving out the cake while I was on the phone.. Yup, we use headsets at work :)

 My slice of cake!

I got the chocolate piece but I did not eat it.. Fattening like mad! I just secretly throw it away so no one can force me to eat it. Heehee!

Today I spent the WHOLE day working! I left the office at 10.45pm! No joke! I even took the wrong bus! Instead of taking the Bus 31, I took Bus 51 cos I was so tired I saw the wrong number and I ended up touring Commonwealth, Queenstown and Tanglin.. 45mins later I ended up in Clarke Quay! It would have only taken me around 15mins if I took Bus 31 and NEL train! :(

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