Saturday, February 9, 2013

Brownie's Raincoat

Mama Chew likes to dress Brownie up in dresses. Thing is, Brownie is a boy! But he has all these cute frilly pink dresses! Cracks me up everytime I see him in a dress.. He actually enjoys wearing clothes! Le bf says it's sad because Brownie doesn't know that the clothes he's wearing is actually girl-clothes, he just likes having clothing on him.

Well, ignorance is bliss, I say! :)

Yesterday it was drizzling but Mama Chew wanted to bring Brownie out for a walk.. so she fashioned him the "Mama Chew Raincoat for Dogs" out of plastic bags. We were having dinner at the dining table when she went to the kitchen and brought two plastic bags out to tie over Brownie.

The amazing thing was, he actually knows it's a raincoat and sat very still for her to put it on!!!

It's actually very sturdy and comfortable! Omg! The ingenious things that Mama Chew can think of.. Hahahahahha!

Happy Brownie going for a walk with Mama Chew! :)

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