Monday, February 4, 2013

Chloe's CNY Dress

It's gonna be Chinese New Year soon and I am doing spring cleaning at home. 

Instead of the yearly spring cleaning, usually I will pack every few months when I am "in the mood" cos I can't stand things being too messy, especially in my room. 

I was digging through my stuff in the storeroom and managed to throw away 3 garbage bags of stuff and give away 1 big bag of stuff.. I wonder why these items made it through during the move from Boon Keng to my current home. Strange. 

I found a dress which I bought for Chloe a long time ago in Taiwan during one of my tourleading trips. I actually forgot about it and thought it'll be too small for her cos i bought it when she was a puppy.. but thank God it fits perfectly!

She has 2 other dresses which she outgrown and God knows where those are. There's one I bought in Tokyo which is crazy expensive but it's too small for her.. stupid me bought the baby size instead of the normal size.

I love it that the dress fits the CNY theme so perfectly! And it's unintentional.. not sure why I bought this design too, but I remember buying it cos I felt sorry for the shopkeepers.. Their shop is in some secluded corner of Feng Jia Night Market and there's no customers so I felt I have to buy something to support them a bit. Glad it came in useful! It also comes with 2 clips for her hair.. but since her hair is so short now, there's no use for them at the moment.

Since this is never worn before, Chloe has a new dress for CNY!

As for me, I have some clothes which I bought in US that have not been worn yet.. So I'm not going to buy any new clothes. Clothes in Singapore are either overpriced or not very appealing to me.

Have you done your spring cleaning already?

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