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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday to Cheryl!

Cheryl's birthday is on the 21st Feb and she had a birthday dinner with Le bf & Pamela. I skipped dinner cos I am working the night shift and I really don't have the energy to get out of bed to dress up to go.. Moreover I had food poisoning since I returned from Batam and my appetite has been horrible the past few days. Add my dry cough & flu into the mix.... bad bad bad.

Whenever someone is having a birthday in the Chew Family, they get to choose the location for a family lunch/dinner and Mama & Papa Chew pays for the meal. Last year, Le bf's birthday was at Taste Paradise Ion (I chose that for him cos he loves Dim Sum). Pamela's birthday was at Brussels Sprouts East Coast and this time Cheryl chose Margarita's at Dempsey Hill!

Luckily my bout of food poisoning is over though so I can join them for dinner! :)

Patrick in Le bf's car boot!

Le bf and I bought this balloon from PartyCity in Las Vegas. I love love love that store! You can buy their items online at Partycity.com but it's so much better to be able to see and touch the items in the shop! I frequent their website so often that I actually can memorize the prices and range they have! Same price online and in stores and they always have special coupons and deals. :)

Cheryl loves Patrick Starfish! We wanted to buy a Starfish figurine for her but it was out of stock and the backorder date is damn far.. So we gave her the balloon and a big angbao so she can go buy whatever she likes.. But knowing her I think she'll most probably save up the money. Haha! Last year we gave Cheryl a Fossil watch. Le bf said he never give his sisters presents until we are together.. To them, birthdays are not such a big deal, that's why they don't give each other presents and they only go out for a meal together... 

Things are gonna change with me around! Birthdays are huge to me! I love birthdays and I love celebrations! Everyone in the family (including Tita, their domestic helper) gets a present during their birthday from both of us! ^_^ Le bf indulges in me cos he knows how important birthdays are to me.

Cheryl's best friend bought a birthday cake for her and waited at home to surprise her! So sweet right! :)

Birthday girl with Patrick & Brownie!

Make a wish make a wish!!!

Pam is so naughty! Haha!

Family picture! :)

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