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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 2 of Chinese New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

This is one of the best CNY I ever had! Not the conventional one with gambling, noisy gatherings and angbaos (I did not receive a single Angbao, but I already outgrew that stage long ago), but a cosy one spent with Le bf and his family!

We had steamboat on CNY eve and it was so yummy!! So much food until we had no space on the table! T_T"

The Chew family can't go house visiting cos Ahmah passed away in December. I have seen the entire Chew clan, but not Mama Chew's family members.. so I am actually thankful that I am spared the "interviews" from Mama Chew's family members until next year. =X

I had a few days off so the past few days I've been spending with Le bf at his house.. just lazing around, napping, watching him play his game, playing games together on Wii, eating, relax.. Happy and nua times! :)

First time at Equinox with Pam & Cheryl!

Since Papa & Mama Chew has plans today and won't be home the entire day, we decided to go for High Tea! Just the 4 of us! The last time we went out together was last year, March... Our schedules kept clashing so I am glad we finally can go out together yesterday!

Since it's a last minute decision, we really don't know where to go.. Le bf suggested Equinox cos both Cheryl & Pam have not visited it before. Le bf and I always frequent Equinox cos he has the "Feed at Raffles" card which gives us discounts when we dine there. Recently we did not go as often as I am in the night shift now and the timing just sucks big time.

Thank you Le bf for treating us! ^___^ Such a sweet kor kor + boyfriend. Hee!

There are some specialty items that are not normally featured in the usual High Tea (and they marked up the price too. Annoying cos I asked if there's a price difference when I made reservations and the idiot girl told me "It's the same price". Imagine my annoyance when the bill came!)

Orange Mini Tarts

Strawberry Shortcake with Snake chocolates

It's usually Creme Brulee or Macaroons. 
I prefer the Creme Brulee.

Afterwards we walked around Raffles City Shopping Mall a bit before heading home.. on the way home, Cheryl said she wanna tabao Carrot Cake from East Coast Hawker Centre.. I had craving for satay, so I went to tabao Satay! :)

Bought from the famous Haron Satay stall. Luckily the wait is just 10mins cos they are so popular, they just cook without taking orders cos the satays just fly off their tray! 

The carrot cake that Cheryl bought was so yummy! :)

We also "Lou Hei"! I bought this Yusheng from the basement supermarket at Raffles City Shopping Mall before we head home.

After I set up all the food on the table, Papa & Mama Chew came back from their concert! So lucky cos it was already 9pm and they wanted to come back and eat bread cos lazy to go out and have a late dinner.. but luckily we had food to share! Papa Chew was happy cos he don't have to eat bread! Hahahahhaa!
After dinner, 3 of us (Cheryl, Le bf and me) played Just Dance and Mario Party on Le bf's Wii. I am super competitive when it comes to game so I was super happy when I won all the Mario Party games! Well, as for Just Dance, I am the worst player cos my hand-eye-leg coordination is just damn lousy. :(

My outfit for playing the games..! LOL!

 I didn't bring any extra clothes so I wore Le bf's army tee and his sleeping shorts cos it's so difficult and uncomfortable to dance in a dress. Heh! :D

My pretty dress before I changed out of it..
I was wearing the dress I bought in Vegas! :) 
New dress for a New Year!
Picture of my Chio hair!

So happy with my hair colour! ^_^ It's been ages since I last put makeup. So effing lazy. Le bf prefers me without it anyway. LOL!

Hope you had a great rest like me! :)

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