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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Steamboat Dinner!

I was planning to sleep early today because I did not sleep a wink during Saturday night and the past week was really a bad week at work. Really burnt out.. Happily in my pajamas at home snuggling in bed when Le bf called me and apologetically told me that there's a family dinner at his place with the extended Chew Family and he forgot to tell me.

So I had to leave my comfy bed, bath and get ready for him to come and pick me up to go back to his place for dinner.

He gave me the choice to skip dinner, but I won't do that because family time is very important to me. Moreover Mama Chew already expects me to be there.. How can I disappoint her? Haha!

Look at the yummy spread!

After dinner Le bf packed up and drove me home.. He is spending the night at my place because our pre-wedding shoot is tomorrow!! *screams in excitement* Problem is, I have to look pretty with only 4 hours of sleep for the entire day of shooting and I had 0 hours of sleep last night. 

God bless me please.

Also, I pray that the weather will be good tomorrow! No haze! No rain! :)

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