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Friday, December 27, 2013

Benji & Coco

These few weeks have really been fun! Lots of flying around! Hong Kong with my friends, Bangkok with Le hubby and now both of us are in Perth! My next trip is to LA next week! Wheeee!

We will only be in Perth for a few days because we have to be back in Singapore on 30 December for a party we are hosting at home for our cellgroup.. also I have to start packing for my early morning flight on 01 January to LA. 

We arrived yesterday evening, and it's just too bad that we can't stay longer because I really love spending time with both Tabby & Doug.. especially now that they have 2 awesome dogs!

Meet Benji & Coco!

I saw Benji in April this year when he was still a little puppy and now he's fully grown! Coco is the newest addition to their family and she's still a puppy, though bigger than Benji when I saw him... still so cute!



They are so adorable! At night they will come into our room to snuggle with us before going to Tabby's room to sleep.. then in the morning they will sit outside our door and patiently wait till we are awake so they can jump into our bed to snuggle with us. So cuddly and affectionate! Though we still have a few more days here, I am so sad that we will be leaving them. :(

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