Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!

Have you ever wondered how and why time passes so quickly yet when you take a step backwards and look at it, it seems only a short time has passed? #Cheemthinkingoftheday

Anyways, this morning we went to Lighthouse Woodlands to watch the Christmas drama. Mama & Papa Chew went to attend the Mandarin session while Cheryl, Le Hubby and I went for the English session. Pamela goes to a different church so she did not join us.

After the service, we went our separate ways because the parents-in-law have a lunch appointment (sometimes the older folks are more "happening" than us). We decided to go to Changi City Point for lunch because we had to collect the food that Mama Chew ordered from NTUC for our Xmas Party tonight at our home.

Lunch was at a Japanese-Italian restaurant where we had pasta! We ordered the combo set so it comes with drink, dessert and 2 different pastas. All of us had different tastes and it showed when we ordered Set A, Set B, Set C respectively.. Haha! Mine was the Vongole pasta + Carbonara pasta.. yums!

We ordered all 3 different desserts so we could share! :)
My favourite is the Mango pudding!

Afterwards we walked around for a bit and shopped a bit before collecting the food that Mama Chew ordered from NTUC then headed home so I can prepare for tonight's party! :)

I set up my own mini buffet line at home! Whee!

Mama Chew's BBFF (beyond best friend forever) Aunty Mona & her husband joined us for our dinner.. and I invited Nat & Ray along too! They also brought extra food to supplement my buffet line! Yay! :) My sister came along and she took a few pictures of me cooking cos she want to show my future kids that their mother can actually cook. Mad funny!

It was so nice to spend Christmas with family & the people I love! Yay!

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