Sunday, December 22, 2013

Le sister's birthday celebration (Champagne Brunch Grand Hyatt Mezza9)


My sister's birthday was a week ago and we celebrated her birthday today at Grand Hyatt's Mezza9. The last time all of us were here was on 29 September for our wedding banquet! Time really flies!

Grand Hyatt's Mezza9 champagne brunch is really popular and is fully booked for the entire month of December. Our reservation today was made 2 weeks ago and there was only a few tables left! I believe it must be due to the Christmas period and everyone is meeting up to have a festive meal together.

Love the Christmas decor!

We were seated at a really nice corner away from the crowds.

Happy birthday to youuuuuuu!

She didn't want the hotel staff to sing for her cos she was paiseh. -_-

❤ I love you meimei! 

Le hubby and I gave her a Hollywood Universal Studio Annual Pass in Los Angeles for her birthday this year cos she will be heading there for an exchange program from Jan-May 2014 for a whole semester.

Then we told her there's a Part 2 to her present.

Brendan: "We have good news for you!"
Sister: *eyes widen.....*
Brendan: "Your sister is..."

So funny we nearly died of laughing! He was going to tell her that I managed to book tickets to accompany her to Los Angeles next month to help her settle down since she has never travelled overseas alone before plus she will be going there 9 days before her schoolmates do..  and she jumped to the conclusion that I was pregnant.. kua kua kua.. But she was also happy about me going over with her though disappointed (me too) that Le hubby can't accompany us because of his work + NS reservice commitments.

Two favourite men in my life!
Brother from another mother & Le hubby!

The buffet is quite expensive. Since my sister and I don't drink, there is a $30 discount per person.. But thankfully it was complimentary because of our wedding in September. It is not part of the wedding package that we paid for, but I received the vouchers after giving them some feedback about a few cockups during our wedding banquet.

The food was alright (my fave is the Illy's coffee freeze!). It's a very nice place to chill and chitchat, but very disappointing service. Le hubby & Nat only drank 2 glasses of champagne cos the other drinks they ordered (cocktails) did not come even after repeatedly reminding the waiters. They gave up in the end. The most maddening thing was I had to remind them FIVE times to serve the surprise cake for my sister which I already requested when I made the booking. Like seriously... 5 times!?!?! I highlighted the matter to 3 waiters, a manager and even to the receptionist at the entrance of the restaurant but the cake did not arrived. Only after I EMAILED them did my cake appear, plus a manager came over to apologize.

Majority of the clientele are foreigners and I think there's only a handful of local Singaporeans there. Many of the guests were drunk after the free flow alcohol and we saw a guy walked and banged into the glass door and dropped his champagne glass.. and another woman fell cos she was so tipsy. -_-

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