Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bistro Guillaume Perth


Tabby & Doug brought us to Bistro Guillaume for dinner today and it was just mind-blowing! I am really fussy over food but I liked ALL the dishes that they ordered. ALL OF THEM! Omg.. It's so good, I am drooling now while looking at the pictures!

The 4 of us! ^_^

We ended off with the best lemon tart I've tasted in my entire life. I am not sure why it is so good.. I think they added magic fairy dust in it or something.. It is soooooo good, it beats all other desserts I've ever eaten before!! That good.

Anyways, I'll let the pictures do the talking so you can drool over them too! :P

Thank you Tabby & Doug for the very exquisite, delicious and also super expensive dinner treat!!!! They are so nice to bring us to all the good places for food and most of the times they refused to let us pay. So paiseh!! When you two come back to Singapore we shall go for a good meal too! Our treat!! :)

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