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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Party at Nat's!

For the past few years I've been going to Nat's home for Christmas parties! It may not always be on the eve or actual day of Christmas but he'll definitely have one every year..

He is also super sweet to make sure that the party fits my schedule because sometimes I had to be overseas for work and he will just adjust his date accordingly for me. Super duper nice of him! Love him to bits! :)

Last year's party was really short because Le hubby's grandma passed away and we had to be at the wake.

This year he did away with the gift-exchange because he just wants people to go over and eat instead of stressing over what to buy. Lesser people this year because many people are busy with other stuff.

At least he did not buy a "live" tree this year!

Last year he bought a real live tree which smells nice but since our weather is so warm, it started dying before Christmas day! The pine needles kept dropping too and it was a nightmare for him to clean up. This year he bought a plastic tree but as usual, loaded so many ornaments on it that a small push will cause it to topple down. Excessive lahhhh!! Hahahahhaa!

Wany, Nat & Me!

Me & Le hubby!

They said I dressed like a Christmas tree cos I am in Green+Red. Ehh! Must look Christmassy ok?

Close-up of the pink logcake that he bought from Crystal Jade

Nat was busy preparing for the party so I went out to get little presents as door gifts for his guests. I even wrapped them up nicely for him.. then this silly dodo bird forgot to give them out cos he left them under the Xmas tree and was too busy & excited during the party. Kua kua kua.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day! Hope everyone has a fun and enjoyable holiday! :)

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