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Friday, May 23, 2014

Flowers from Le Hubby! ❤

Pretty flowers = Happy me!

On 2nd May, Le hubby came to my workplace to pick me up and brought me for dinner. He also had a surprise in the backseat.. a paperbag with flowers in it! He got them from The Bloom Room and they were gorgeous! I didn't know about them until our cell group friend Annette posted pictures of the flowers she buys every week from them (she's a flower fanatic). I would have used them for my wedding if I knew about them last year. They have really super pretty arrangements!

Was it a special occasion? No.
Is my husband a romantic guy? No.

So why did he buy flowers for me?

Actually he made me upset and was desperate enough to buy flowers to try to cheer me up cos I was in down in the dumps for a whole week.. I wasn't my usual chirpy & crazy self and he got worried that I was slipping into depression... I don't think it's that serious lah.. but I was really moody & emo about some stuff. I guess the bottomline is that he's sometimes too forgetful, too obtuse and kinda oblivious about things. But that's partly why I love him because he's so honest & toot-toot. But sometimes it gets really frustrating so I will implode and get really upset.

So yea.. It's the second time he bought flowers for me! First time was when we came back from our honeymoon and he sneaked off to buy flowers for me cos I was upset at him for forgetting my birthday while we were on our honeymoon. See what I mean about him being forgetful? Sometimes I feel like he's a 60 year old man suffering from dementia. On the bright side, at least I am prepared when he really has dementia and becomes more forgetful when he gets older.

Come to think about it.. I only received flowers when I am upset!! Maybe I should be upset more often? Or I should hint command (he is so blur, he can't take a hint even if it hits him on the head) him to buy flowers for me to make me happy even when I am not upset... not just a peace offering present to cheer me up.

He was smart and he chose my favourite hydrangeas in pink! I used to love blue roses a lot until I found out they were artificially dyed and the colour will fade. Real blue roses costs a bomb! I love hydrangeas cos they are so pretty and comes in so many different colours! Only thing is they are extremely hard to take care of and even Mama Chew (with a green thumb) finds them a challenge.

Took me a few weeks to blog about it cos I am super lazy.. Heh! ( ´∀`) 

There were no Instagram, Twitter & Facebook when I started blogging and now there's so many social media platforms! No matter what, I still prefer to blog because I get very long winded sometimes and 140 characters on Twitter is not enough for me. I seldom go on Facebook anymore cos I swear I become stupider and lose productivity when I scroll through the homepage. It's full of ads or nonsense shit that people like to share/post. I love Instagram cos it's just pictures and it's ad free (for now)!

Blogging allows me to freeze my thoughts from a particular moment in time. I go through my own entries every now and then to better understand what I went through in life and to remind myself to be grateful for all the blessed things I've received.

Pretty pretty flowers!

I posted this picture on Instagram. Borrowed Mama Chew's vase to put the flowers in. Took bad I could only keep them alive for 1 week before they died.. they are notoriously hard to care for, especially in our climate + my reputation of being "Jasmine the Destroyer". It's now displayed in my shelf as dried flowers. :)

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