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Friday, May 9, 2014

Wedding dinner at Mandarin Orchard

Attended a wedding dinner at Mandarin Orchard last night. The bride is Le hubby's cellgroup friend and she's one of the quietest person I've ever met in my life. She is so quiet, she just blends and melts into the background... Considering how petite and slim she is, it makes it easier for her to "disappear". 

Saw her last night in her gown & makeup and it's really a big transformation! She looked really pretty and though she was still super quiet.. at least she doesn't melt into the background yesterday cos she was the star of the night! :) She's one of those brides that look really different from their everyday look, in good way.

The ballroom was quite interesting cos it has different levels & tiers instead of being on a level surface. The stage is around 4 flights of stairs down. Interesting concept, but I wouldn't have survive trotting down the stairs in a pouffy gown & high heel shoes several times during the dinner. I would have tripped & fall... -_-"

Our table only had 5 people, including Le hubby. Wei Hao, Annette & Janice, all belongs to our cellgroup. 2 of the missing 5 couldn't make it at the last minute because of their children, so they asked Le hubby to help them give angbao to the bride. We walked around Mandarin Gallery a few times trying to hunt down the stupid ATM machines that were moved away from their original positions. The other 3 empty seats were a mystery because none of us know who the seats are for.

Don (far left) joined us for a while to chit-chat. He thinks our table is too empty and came to fill it up for a while. He's super funny!!!! OMG. (。≍ฺ‿ฺ≍ฺ)

Picture with the bride & groom! Too bad it's blurry... stupid photographer is useless!!

Le hubby downloaded this new photo app that makes pictures look "cool"..
So here's a "cool" picture of the 2nd last dish.. Hahhaha!

My outfit of the day! #OOTD

I super love my new dress from Dorothy Perkins! I bought it online at the UK website and shipped it to Singapore (with a few of other dresses) because even with the shipping fees included, I saved around $15-$20 per dress! Yes, yes.. #AuntyMax... but I don't see the point in not saving money when there's a chance to. To ensure the dresses fit, I went to the local Dorothy Perkins (at Bedok Mall.. haha!) to try on the sizes and the cutting before I order them online. I've ordered clothes online which looks good in pictures but the cutting and the material is super cannot make it! So now if I were to buy clothes online, I make sure I try them out first in the local stores before going online to buy them... provided that the clothes are still cheaper when I include in the shipping fees.

There are local websites that sell super cheap clothes but I seldom buy from them because firstly they are mostly "free size" (which is bullshit. There's no such thing as FREE SIZE), or comes in S/M/L sizes which are so small I can barely fit it over my head. Secondly, the cutting & material is not as good as the better brands. You really get what you pay for!

I also realized that UK brands are much better than US brands. My personal opinion.. cos I was looking through my cupboard and found out that the clothes I am still wearing on a daily basis are 90% bought from UK brands! Even the dresses I bought 2 years back in London & Manchester are still in use! The clothes I bought from US are mostly gone (given away or thrown away). So nowadays I seldom buy US brands (Forever21, etc), I mostly buy UK brands (Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, etc).

This is the 3rd time I am wearing my pretty but painful heels. First time was during our wedding photoshoot, second time during the wedding weekend and last night! I really hate wearing heels even though they are so pretty. They are unhealthy, painful and so impractical! All my shoes are ballet flats or pumps. I hate any type of shoes that have any heels in it. Mainly because I love comfort over looking chio, especially when it comes to my feet cos I get super grumpy when my feet hurts. And partially because I am so tall already, wearing 4 inch heels kinda makes me look even bigger than I already am in real life. #amazonwarrior

Actually, I have another wedding to attend this Saturday but it was cancelled a month ago. The groom decided to call off the wedding so close to the wedding date! I really pity and can empathize with the anguish the bride (my friend) is feeling now because they were together for a long time and it's cruel of him to break off the wedding so close to the actual date when everything has been confirmed. Super long story which is sort of typical in the world we live in today. Might blog about it when I am in one of my pensive or ranting mood. Not today.. I am crazy tired from the hectic work week. Gonna crash & sleep. Good night!

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