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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Melissa Shoes!

Look at what came in the mail yesterday...... NEW SHOES!!!!!

ヽ(^Д^)ノ 1, 2, 3, 4.... YAYYYY!!

All my shoes are bought overseas. I love buying shoes overseas because it's easier to find my size (I wear a 10) and it's much cheaper than Singapore! 

I already gave up on shoe shopping in Singapore years ago cos it is so depressing. It truly is. 

The first thing I look out for is not the design or the price, but the size. No point choosing shoes if they don't carry your size right? Through painful elimination, there's probably less than 5 places in Singapore where I can shop for shoes.. and it's not cheap. I used to go shoe shopping with Wany but I gave up cos that woman wears a size 7 and she can buy shoes anywhere easily!!! Makes me so emo when I cannot find what I want. Even my Ferragamo shoes have to be bought in Perth because the local stores don't carry my size. Urgh.

I love shoe shopping abroad! I always hit the shoe shops when I am in an ang-moh country cos there are so many choices! And the best thing is.. they are all quite cheap! I've bought AUD5 shoes from Perth, USD10 shoes from branded stores in USA (NineWest, Clarks, etc) and RM15 shoes from Malaysia (Vincci). Whenever I see something nice + in my size + cheap, I will buy a lot! Same design, different colour.. just whack! The most I've ever bought was 12 pairs of shoes on one trip! It was a nightmare trying to pack them into my luggage!

I was checking through my shoe stash (yes, I have an actual shoe stash where I keep all my new shoes), the other day and I was horrified to find that I only have 2 new pairs of shoes because I've not bought shoes in a long time!! I went to JB City Square's Vincci and they are closed! I am not sure if they are closed for renovation or really closed down for good.. but there goes the nearest place I can visit physically to stock up on cheap shoes! ლ(´﹏`ლ)

I was emoing around and singing #summertimesadness (my favourite past-time when something upsets me).. then I had a sudden thought to visit the Melissa website to see if I can find any nice shoes... and I did! I found 11 pairs of shoes within an hour!! Took me a long time to whit down the selection to just 4 pairs because it is not really cheap to ship shoes in since the shipping companies charge by volumetric weigh over the actual weight if it's bulky. Le hubby helped me narrow down the choices because it was so hard to cut out 7 pairs from my original selection.. but I did it! Bwahahahahhaha!!

So guess how much I paid for the 4 pairs of shoes?

Including shipping from USA to Singapore, I only paid a total of slightly over SGD200 for all 4 pairs! 

It's a steal considering there's 2 limited edition designs (Jason Wu & Vivienne Westwood). I think Orchard Ion sells a pair for $160? I am not sure what is the exact price but the last time I visited the store I nearly fainted cos it's sooooo expensive and overpriced! Moreover they don't have all the latest designs in the store, unlike the website!

Actually the website is not super duper cheap, but all the designs I chose were 50%-70% off cos there were limited sizes left... heh heh heh! Having big feet is good cos all the common sizes were sold out and they were trying to lelong the odd sizes like the large size 10 and the small size 3 & 4.. I asked a few of my friends to go and see but they couldn't find anything they like cos all of them have average size feet (6,7,8). 

The shoes fit me perfectly cos I know what size I wear! :)

In January when I went to US to accompany my sister for 2 weeks before her exchange program, I bought a pair of Jason Wu x Melissa shoes at the factory outlet mall because my trusty fake-Ugg boots which I bought for AUD10 in Perth 6 years ago had a super big hole while we were walking around and the sole was literally falling off! She was horrified that I can walk around without realizing how badly torn my shoes were, but I guess I was living in denial. 

I was so sad to throw it away because it has travelled around the world with me to Japan, Korea, Paris, London... but I had to because my sister forced me to it was irreparable.. And honestly for AUD10, it is super good value. Plus given my track record for being a destroyer of things, or as Nat likes to call me "Destructive force of nature", it lived a life longer than expected. 



Asta Samantha Koh said...

May I know how do you do shipping for Melissa shoes? I went to the website they don't do international shipping.

Jasmine Tay said...

I use Comgateway.com! Shop the shoes there and forward it to Singapore. It's very easy to use and DBS cards have special promo and deals.

yoyoyo said...

Hello! Do you mind sharing which delivery mode you opt for? weight or volumetric? and also how much for the shipping and agent fee?