Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brunch at PS Cafe

I went to PS Cafe on 3rd December with Brendan for brunch.. 

It's a lovely place to just sit and chit-chat and enjoy the scenery.. that's if it doesn't rain!! We were there for a few hours and left minutes before a thunderstorm hits! Super lucky..



Giant plate of truffle fries! 
We always order the fries but always end up not finishing it cos there's just so much!!

My Chicken Caesar Salad
The salad and egg is yummy but I don't like the chicken.. 

I forgot what this is.. but it's some brunch set he order.. 

That day was a super busy day because I had to go for my braces in the morning, wait for Chloe's food delivery, go brunch with Brendan.. Also, Wayne fetched Chloe home (she stayed at his house when I was in Europe) and we went to the airport to meet up with Nathaniel and Welly and had dinner at Sakae Sushi while waiting for Santi guniang to return from her Korea trip. Mad rush but mad fun.

Oh! I will post pictures of my braces soon! I thought I can remove them but my dentist who is a super perfectionist insist that I leave it for another month for her to consider the next month to remove because ONE BACK MOLAR is crooked! One!!! OMG. She went for maternity leave for 2 months and two of her colleagues assisted her to change my bands and she's not very pleased with the results. Kinda like me.. like to do things by myself and having high standards.. but it's so anti-climax! I thought I can remove them before the New Year! So they gave me a 31Dec appointment and if the last tooth is cooperative, I can be braces free before 2012! :)

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