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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Lunch at Marche

Cynthia wanted to borrow my Bingo Game for her Christmas Party.. and we've never went out together for lunch before so we set a date few weeks ago to meet today for lunch! :)

I am super busy and my schedules are so tight that my friends have to prebook me when they want to meet up! Madness!

Anyway she chose Marche cos she hasn't ate there in years and wanted to eat the Rosti..

My one and only red top..

I bought this top because I have a Christmas Party in the office to attend a few hours later. Yea. Off day also must go back!! :( And it was raining! I had to call a cab from Vivocity to fetch me to my workplace which is like only 6 bus stops away because the rain was too heavy and I didn't bring an umbrella (no sheltered walkway).

My Christmas present from her!

She said the box is actually given by my ex-ex Company, Apple for all the staff as Christmas presents and she thinks it's so pretty so she reused it for my gift. She keep saying "Pai seh! Don't mind ah!".. Why should I? It's really pretty! :)

Hello Kitty Bedroom slippers!

Hello Kitty Towel!

I treated her to lunch because I did not have time to go and shop for Christmas presents. I keep telling everyone that the only place I can shop at with my kind of sleeping hours, is at Mustafa Centre and I refuse to buy anything there as gifts for people.. So weird! It's a place to buy luggage, electronics and stuff by not Christmas gifts or presents!

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