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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Universal Studios Birthday Treat from Joyce!

Joyce was in India during my birthday party but her boyfriend, Wayne very kindly came to help out during the day by driving to Nex Mall to help us get my balloons and my giant birthday cake.. Joyce don't know what to buy for me because everything she suggests, I will say "NO! Too expensive!" or "NO! I don't need it!".. So they decided to bring me to Universal Studios as a birthday treat!

All expenses paid!!! O_O

We agreed to meet at 9am but I overslept, as usual. Before you think I am a pig who sleeps in, I am working the night shift now and my timing is topsy-turvy so usually I sleep around 6am and get up at 3pm.. So in the end I only reached USS at 9.45am, but just nice as they have bought the tickets and queuing to go in.


I went to USS twice last year and we did not need to queue to go in the main entrance! OMG!

They bought the fast pass so we can cut all the lines! The admission tickets + fast pass is over $120 per person!! I wanted to suggest buying the fast pass cos I expected the queues to be crazy but she preempted me and bought it before I arrived! OMG!! I don't mind paying for it since we can save a lot of time, but when someone else buys it for me... I feel so bad lah!!!

And this girl refuses to let me pay for anything! She bought me a super cute Gloria pen, a Magic Potion bottle and even lunch!!! She kept saying she is sorry that my birthday present is almost 2 months late.. but hey, this is a super cool present can?? :)
Anyways, we started the day by taking pictures with the giant Christmas tree.. During the night there will be performances here.

And our first ride is..... TRANSFORMERS! :)

Look at the wait time!! 180mins!!!

The queues were mad long! I don't understand why people don't take the single rider lane if they don't want to spend on the fast pass tickets. No need to sit together during the ride mah! If scared, don't take. Simple. What can your friend do? Hold your hand in moral support??!? I don't see the point of wasting 3 hours of my life queuing for a few minutes ride. 

Anyway, with our fast pass tickets, we zoomed pass the queues and got front row seats! :)

Silly guy said he's afraid of the flash. T_T"

The dashboard at the front row
The ride is super damn cool!! OHMYGOD! If only movies were like the ride!!


If you noticed, Joyce was carrying a giant plastic bag like thingy.. that's our ponchos cos it rained halfway.. But even though it's raining (drizzling), the rides still continued! Woohoo!

Lunch time!

After lunch I gave Joyce HER birthday present & card.

I bought the card in Paris. Super fun! Must scratch for the message!

The hidden message! ^^

SK Disney Charm Bracelet

Took another new ride! Madagascar! :)

Front row seats again! YAY!

Group picture!


All hail King Julian!

I sat the roller coaster by myself for 4 times! The 1st time we went together, the queue was only 5mins long so we did not use our fast pass.. After the ride they gave up saying it's already scary enough and the Blue line is more scary than the Red one.. So I sat on the Blue one by myself for 3 times using the Fast Passes, and 1 more time on the Red line. A lot of people diao me when I went 3 times in a row to sit the Blue line cos the queue was damn long and slow-moving.. so when they see me alone, walking pass them 3 times.. i think some of them got a little pissed. But hey, who ask you so cheapo? Y U NO buy fast pass too??

I used their remaining passes on the Red Line to bring a couple in because I was a bit giddy from sitting the Blue one 3 times in a row... T_T"  We stood outside the ride randomly waiting for a couple to come by.. it's their lucky day cos the queue was 45mins by then and by using the fast passes, we cut all the way to the front and managed to have first row seats! Woohoo!

They need to leave early as they had a party to attend so they  missed the fireworks and some of the rides. But overall we caught all the shows together except for the Madagascar Penguin dance which I watched alone after they left. 

I roamed around alone until 8pm++ until Santi & Welly arrived and we went to Chilli's for dinner!

I like the table, but they say very old-fashioned and ugly. :(

Welly and Santi!
We ordered two main courses to share cos it's too much to handle 1 main course per person.

Always room for desserts! :)

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