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Friday, December 16, 2011

My sister's 18th birthday!


This silly girl didn't have any plans for a party but she did not inform me earlier.. She said that she's going out with her friends but at the last minute she SMSed me to ask if she can join me and my friends for dinner at Liang Court cos she's only going for a movie with her friends.. 

On her actual birthday and she has no plans!! When I told her "YOU ARE ONLY 18 ONCE!!" She replied "I have another 364 days to be 18!".

FML. My sister is more matured than me.

Birthdays are a big deal to me because it's the day you are born.. the day you came into this world and who knows whether if you can celebrate your next birthday? Life is short and we have to find reasons to celebrate and be happy!

We met up at Central and before she arrived, Wany & I went to hunt for something to buy for her as a surprise because I did not plan to meet her and I have no time to shop for a proper birthday gift because I am working during the night shift and most places are either closed or not yet opened when I am free.. I refuse to shop at Mustafa Centre for my sister's 18th birthday present!

Anyway, I decided on buying a balloon for her since she loves balloons a lot! :) We hid in the corner and waved at her when she was walking towards us.. then I went "TADAH! SURPRISE!" and showed her the balloon.. ^^

She loves Elmo for some reason.. I just think it's gay but Wanwen says it's sexless. My sister likes Miffy more, but for some reason it's very difficult to find Miffy merchandise in Singapore. Do you know Miffy is from Holland? I always thought she was from Japan! I went to Amsterdam and one of the shop assistant was so pissed when I asked "Isn't Miffy from Japan?" OMG. More on that later when I blog about my Europe trip (Real soon! I promise!)

We met up with Nathaniel and 4 of us went for Ramen Dinner!

Two little girls sitting beside my sister was like eyeing her balloon with envy. LOL! Too bad! Ask your mama buy for you!!

Ramen with two eggs! Yums!

Later we met up with Santi & Welly and went for pudding!! Our favourite pudding from Tampopo! Super yums! I thought they can finish a lot (6 of us) so I bought 13 cups of Pudding.. I wanted to buy 18 but they were like O_O "ARE YOU CRAZY?!"... Hahahahhahaha!

I also bought 3 slices of cake to be my sister's birthday cake.. Sorry I didn't give her a complete whole cake, but they only sell the cakes by slices and my friends were like "Ehh! 8 slices to one cake! How to finish!?!?"..

In the end we only ate 1.5 slices. 1/2 was thrown away -- wasteful! And I made my sister bring home the other uneaten one.

Why my friend's appetites so small one? Tsk!

My sister with her new mascot!

I bought this Miffy in Amsterdam for her.. she requested for a mascot of her own because I have my own Hello Kitty Mascot.. This Miffy is the smallest doll I can find.. I also bought her a bigger one. :)

Her birthday celebration may not be as grandiose or fun as I would have want it to be.. since it's only a simple dinner and dessert session.. but I hope she enjoyed herself.. 

Dear Joanna, I want you to know that no matter how shitty life can be sometimes, you always have a friend/sister you can turn to and rely on. What goes up must comes down. Everything goes around, comes around. Live life to the fullest, embrace change, grab hold of opportunities, don't live in the past, be strong and always remember to "Hope, believe and achieve"!  I love you now and forever! (And I mean now and forever.. like "until the day the ocean doesn't touch the sand" kind of forever.) MUACKS!

And... I still owe you a proper birthday present! :)

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