Friday, December 23, 2011

Office Christmas Party

In case you don't already know.. I am working in American Express Membership Travel Service department.. My job scope is to help the cardmembers with their travel arrangements. There's many different types of credit cards and charge cards under AMEX but we only service the highest tiers of charge cardmembers.

Our office is at MapleTree Business City which is at Pasir Panjang Road. It's a really beautiful office area to work in.. I will take more pictures when it's day time because it's usually at night when I come to work and it's too dark to appreciate how lovely this area is. There are fountains everywhere and beautiful art sculptures. Recently they even put up a giant Christmas tree in the middle of the square. :)

My office occupies 3 levels and there's a staircase in the middle that connects all the levels.

I call this the sleeping sofa..

Cos we can hide inside and sleep.. but I never tried it before cos during the night it's really dark and scary. There's 2 pantry on 2 levels and it's really pretty too! :)

Group picture of my team!
There's a few people missing because they are on leave/working late.

If you can notice my handbag at the side.. that's where I am sitting, a window seat! The view is nice.. we can see the sea from my desk... however, usually I can't see anything except for the flyover because it's at night when I am working..
Look at my eyebags! :(

My colleagues kept commenting how nice I look in Red colour because usually my clothes are all black/white/grey.. I told my team leader I gave her a lot of face cos I bought this top especially for the office party. T_T"

Some of them kept harping on how fair my skin is.. at first it's flattering but after a while it becomes irritating when they kept on asking me why I am so fair and white. I AM NOT! I am just a little bit fairer than most people but I am not those super chio porcelain skinned girls! :( And some of them go to the beach regularly or go swimming so why they still complain that they are tanned?? Avoid the sun!

My presents!

I only bought the compulsory team present + department present ($20 voucher + Famous Amos cookies) and one gift for my team manager cos she gave me a gift, and one for Jennifer who was my ex-manager in CTC and also the one who introduced me into AMEX. Both gifts were last minute buys at Vivocity after my lunch with Cynthia cos I had no time to shop! >.<

Gift from my Secret Santa (Team).
My nickname is Tinkerbell but my secret santa spelt wrongly.. Haha! 

We had to give 3 choices of gifts for our wishlist and I wanted either book vouchers, travel containers or a tupperware. My secret santa gave me 2 items from my wishlist. 

My gift from the Department's exchange.. 

It's been a long time since I post "self-shots" of myself.. Usually I don't put make up when I am working cos it's at night and no one is around! Also, my eyebags are quite jialat and I am paler than before since I am seldom in the sun anymore... so I am avoiding the camera a lot these days.. 

There were lots of food and 4 log cakes! 2 of them were untouched so I chose one to bring home for my Christmas Eve party tomorrow! Yes I am having a Christmas Eve Party! My first ever! Yay! :)

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