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Monday, December 26, 2011


This entry is all about my 25th Birthday Party held on 16th October 2011 at Santi Guniang's condo function room at the Arte. I decided to post this entry first before my Christmas Eve Party entry.

Before I go on about what happened during the party, I must say that this was the happiest birthday celebration I ever had in my entire life (so far). I paid for everything by myself, I planned for everything (food, games, prizes), everyone had fun, and the best part was Pipimon did not object or quarrel with me leading up to my birthday!

I insisted in paying for everything myself because I told Pipimon that if I am the one who pay for everything, he has absolutely no right in commenting or being sarcastic about "wasting money" since it's my money and not his and I have all the right in the world to spend my own money on my own birthday.

He wanted to sponsor me $800 but I refused to take it.. At his insistence, I finally allowed him to pay for the birthday cake, barbie cake, fruit tarts & old school cakes (I think it's around $270) cos he said he want to contribute something --  I gave him the T&C that he cannot use the cake as a reason to make sarcastic or hurtful comments, he accepted that and I accepted the cakes.

If you are a regular reader of my blog.. you might have already known that every single year leading up to my birthday, Pipimon will become a crazy bitch and make my life miserable.

On my 20th birthday we had a big fight after my party because I drove my friends home and left my dad's two maids to do the cleaning up. 

On my 21st birthday I went to Bangkok with Wany because I want to avoid him, refusing to let him spoil my 21st. I should have a big party that year, but my dad has disowned me by then and I wasn't earning much as I was working part-time and studying at the same time. 

For my 22nd, 23rd and 24th birthday.. you can read it in my  emo entry I posted last year. 

Birthdays are a huge deal to me.. that's why I was very sad that I did not get to celebrate my 21st birthday in style.. I planned for my 21st birthday ever since I was 10 years old! I was watching a drama series on TV and this girl had a lovely party celebration and at the end her dad gave her a Volkswagen Beetle! Ever since then I started planning for my 21st, but sadly I never had the chance to celebrate...

So for my 25th, I decided to have a big (but not that big) celebration and have all my closest friends come and gather together and have fun.. It's a milestone after all, since a girl stops aging after 25. Hypothetically of course.

This year he was very supportive and really accommodating to my plans and everything. He went with me to choose the cake, balloons, prizes for my lucky draw and also my plans to have a Polaroid counter and games corner.

No snide remarks, no sarcasm and no "why you spend so much money" comments at all.

Perhaps it's because I warned him a few months in advance not to ruin my big quarter century birthday, or maybe somehow he knows it might be the last birthday he can spend with me as he's really sick, sicker than he let on.. I was packing his stuff and I saw 5 bagfuls of medicine! Much more than what I thought he was eating everyday! Anyways, I am glad that my last birthday celebration with him was a happy one.. though he spent most of his time entertaining his friends outside while I spent my time with my friends inside the air-con area. But whatever lah.. it's was a happy occasion!

Ok... enough with the flashback and background story.... Here are the pictures from the party!

Delivery of my Barbie Cake! This is for decoration purposes! :)

Old school cakes! :)

My Polaroid counter! 

I will take 2 pictures with each of my guests and they can decorate them, keep one for themselves and one for me! 

My sister's design :)

Ice Cream Tower Game

Someone managed to stack it all up!

Joyce couldn't come cos she had to go to India on the very same day, however her boyfriend Wayne very nicely offered to help us with the logistics! He sent Welly and Pipimon to Nex Mall to collect my birthday cake because the stupid shop don't do deliveries at all! 

They also collected my balloons! One rabbit, one elephant and 20 lousy golden/white balloons that died before the night is over...

Pipimon and his new pet. =.=

And the most beautiful balloon of all (featured in many Polaroids), my GIANT Hello Kitty balloon! SO CUTE! :) It's winking!

This is my birthday dress!

I bought it in KL in some atas shop where Nathaniel was my style advisor. Pipimon was sitting outside some bench and stoning. Makes me look slim can? Haha! And my legs look so skinny! Love my newest Sony camera!

My Polaroid collection is increasing! :)

I ordered Thai food from Thai Orchid catering because there were Muslim guests and also I did not want the typical Chinese/Western dishes. Apparently the Tom Yum soup was fantastic cos it was finished very quickly! :) I also ordered additional different side dishes so my guests have more choices to choose from.

As usual, I over-ordered and there were lots of left over food! Luckily my guests ta-baoed most of them home so it won't go to waste! :)

Pipimon's friends also made jelly cocktail and some Malay kueh thingy that was super delicious but I forgot the name.. They also brought a beautiful cake stand for my old school cakes & barbie cake!  

After the food, it's time for games! I appointed Nathaniel as my Game-master! :)

I have included 3 Bingo cards in the welcome pack for my guests. Inside the pack, there is 1 lucky draw coupon and 1 magnetic photo frame for them to stick their polaroid on their fridge.. ^^

Don't ask me why I look so.. psychotic here.

Everyone concentrating on their game cards...

We gave out a Kopitiam gift card to 3 lucky winners! Pipimon insisted on me buying the Kopitiam gift cards instead of Starbucks because he said it's "Halal" and very useful. T_T"

Afterwards, it's time to PIN THE PRINCESS!

Instead of pinning the Donkey, Nathaniel helped me choose the Princess version. I was skeptical at first, thinking nobody will wanna play such a kiddy game.... BUT I WAS WRONG! There were only 20 crowns up for grabs (so not everyone can play) and people actually snatched for the crowns! OMG!

This is how it looks like after various attempts to crown her.

It's super fun and hilarious because the contestant will be blindfolded and Nathaniel will spin him/her around 3 times. They will have just one chance to pin the crown on and the crowd will go "ooohhh!! noooo!! yes!! up!! downnnn!".. I laughed until I nearly fainted!!

There were 4 persons who were very close, so we had a rematch and my sister won! :)

Me, Cynthia & Debbie! aka the "Apple Girls" 
Taking photo with them while waiting for my friends to bring the cake down for me.. Cynthia is still working in Apple while Debbie left before I quit in November last year. Glad we are still friends! :)

Time to cut cake!

I always wanted a number cake because this was really popular during the 80s and 90s! 

One side is Strawberry Short Cake and the other side is Chocolate! Double flavoured cake! Love it!!

Nathaniel bought the giant long candles for me!

I wanted long candles to have more time for picture taking! :) We actually burnt one to experiment how long it can burn.. and it took 15mins before it totally extinguishes!  (That's Nathaniel's hand in the right side of the picture).

YAY! 25 candles! 

Inviting the smokers with lighters to come help me light up my candles.. 
I don't know what I was doing..! and Nathaniel look super blur..! LOL!

This is actually our last shot together before he passed away..

With Pipimon's friends~

With Pipimon's relatives~

My "Travel" friends I met in my jobs at CTC and Namho. :)
Nathaniel, Santi, Hallie & Welly!

My Apple gang :)
Cynthia, Debbie & her hubby Alrick

Alrick and Debbie :)
I love her polka dot dress! I didn't wanna do a dress code but she came in my favorite print! 

My Singapore Poly Gang! :)
Weiling, William, Yaya, Joel, Lynn & Money

Queen Gang!
Yaya & Money, without Joyce :(

Lynn and Joel :)

Wayne (Joyce's boyfriend) and Brendan :)

Jeannifer (Pipimon's friend) and my sister's hand holding the Kitty.

Ok.. I should have a shot somewhere with my sister but I can't find it! :( Let's just imagine there's one here ok?

Two knives for two cakes!


Instead of buying door gifts for everyone, I decided to do a lucky draw instead. The prizes are:
  1. Nintendo Wii
  2. $50 Vivocity Voucher
  3. Chocolate Hamper 
  4. Gift card from Kopitiam
And the grand prize winner is......................

He was so shocked because he was standing at the back helping me film and take photos of my party.. When we announced his name, he was like not paying attention until everyone yelled "WELLY!" 

Feel so super loved! ^^

Swarovski Hello Kitty from Money 

Thomas Sabo Charms from Wany & Joanne (who couldn't come)

Look at my collection! :)
I have since added in a Eiffel Tower charm which I bought in Paris. 

"Red" packets!

From Lela & Adil 

How they know I like Paris?!?! :)

From Joel & Lynn :)

From Debbie! She and her hubby gave me separate gifts! Haiyo! 
The Hello Kitty is sooooooo cute!

From Debbie's hubby Alrick!

From Kak Ya

From Nathaniel

Chloe kept wanting to pounce on the flowers! 
She actually managed to chew off some petals and ate them!!! 

Super expensive earphones from Nathaniel! OMG!

From Yayin, who left early and couldn't join in the games and cake-cutting.
Thank you for the beautiful pen! 
She said the water bottle is for last year's birthday.. Haha!

From William & Weiling

There were too many presents to take pictures of individually!
  • Hello Kitty Polaroid camera from Yaya, HuiXian, Smallgirl and hubby 
  • Handmade Hello Kitty Kindle cover + cutesy stuff from my sister
  • Hello Kitty rice cooker from Cynthia & Effendy (who couldn't come)
  • Hello Kitty dolls from Pipimon's friends
  • Royce chocolate from Jeannifer
I hope I don't miss out anything.. ^^

Elson couldn't make it but we had a makeup dinner and he gave me a belated birthday present! 

Brendan brought me out for a nice dinner at PS Cafe and also gave me my birthday present that was delivered late so he couldn't give it to me during my party.. It's super nice! :) 

In total we took 60 Polaroids I get to keep half of them. :)

More Hello Kitty stuff in my book shelves now!

There were hundreds and photos and lots more videos.. I have posted all the pictures on Facebook back in October. The videos are still in my laptop... A few were damn hilarious, especially the ones when Brendan dared me to inhale helium and talk like Minnie Mouse. T_T" So embarrassing but so funny! 

 I am thankful to the following people for making my party a huge success:
  1. Pipimon
    For not being a bitch and allowing me to enjoy myself thoroughly before, during and after my party. He also helped to entertained my friends by being a good host as I had too many people to attend to during the party.
  2. Santi 
    For helping me book the venue at her place 
  3. Welly 
    For helping me to be the official photographer and capturing so many beautiful memories.
  4. Wayne
    For helping to ferry Pipimon and Welly to collect my cake & balloons
  5. Nathaniel
    For being my gamemaster and style advisor
  6. Yaya
    For helping me buy the Polaroid films and lending me her Polaroid camera to take all the beautiful pictures (I did not open my present from her yet)
  7. My sister
    For being my door host and taking attendance, handing out door gifts and instructing people to fill up their lucky draw coupons


miRaCLe said...

hi Jasmine :D
I chanced upon your blog while googling for 3 monkeys cafe (last month)! and leading me to read your recent entries.. you amazed me for being such a brave and bubbly lady! :) GREAT birthday party you had there!
happy new year! and keep blogging! ;))

Jasmine Tay said...

Thanks dear :)
Happy New Year to you too!

shihui said...

Hello! those old school cakes look really cute, where'd you get em?? :)

Jasmine Tay said...

From Bedok North Street 3 Bakery.. At the corner opposite Shengshiong Supermarket. :)

shihui said...

Cool! thanks! glad you had a great party :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across yr blog while looking for old school cake. May I know where did you get yr number birthday cake?

Jasmine Tay said...

Hi hi!
I bought my number cake from Four Leaves Singapore. Most shopping centre has it. :) You can choose same flavour for both or mix the flavours like me. :) It's very reasonable too! (Forgot how much though, but less than $100)

Anonymous said...

thanks, Jasmine.

Andrew said...

Hi, may i know where to buy those slim and long candles? thanks

Jasmine Tay said...

Hi Andrew! My friend bought it from Flor Patisserie at ICON Village a few years back. The ones he bought for me this year only lasted 5mins instead of 15mins, so I think they changed the supply or something.