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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Shyanne!

Say Hello to Le bf's god daughter!

She's born yesterday on 31 July, the same birthday as her mummy Jeraldine who is Brendan's best friend. It's not a coincidence because she chose to have a Cesarean birth and wanted to share a birthday with her daughter. 

Initially she did not know if she wants a natural or C-section but when we met up for the first time in January and I asked her lots of questions about her pregnancy and told her the difference between natural and C-section and she got frightened when I told her that a doctor will snip a woman's vagina if the dilation is not big enough and the baby cannot be pushed out. She told me that sentence made her so frightened that she went to read up and decided on C-section. Oops. =X

She went to Thomas Medical Hospital to have her baby and the carpark is horrible! They only allow valet parking and had super limited spaces! We had to illegally park somewhere else and walk over to the hospital. Sigh.

Shyanne's birth card in her cot!

New godfather! :)

She is so pretty!

Look at her pretty nails! She has perfectly formed fingernails! Pretty!

I love carrying babies! They are so soft and smell so nice!

Sleeping child~

Group picture! ^_^

I lent her my Polaroid camera and gave her some packets of films so she can take pictures of her visitors and her baby. We took one with Shyanne and it turned out perfect! Super nice picture. Love it! :)

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