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Friday, August 31, 2012

My new Sony Walkman!

I went to the Comex IT Fair with Brendan yesterday and today.. I think we are going back again on Sunday too.. T_T" I have never went to any of the Comex Fairs before until I got together with him and we have visited all 3 Comex Fairs this year. 

It is full of smelly and dodgy people and I really don't like crowds.. But I put up with everything cos of him. Well, that's love right? You do things you don't normally do for someone you love. ^_^

Anyways, he bought what he needed and I also bought something! A Sony walkman! I wanted to buy a pair of wireless earphones when I work out at the gym cos I am super irritated by the swinging wires when I run on the thread mill, but this walkman is better! 

Champagne gold colour!

 It costs $129 and comes with all these stuff!
The portable charger alone retailing at $30.

 Carrying case that's specially made for the Walkman.

 See? So cool!

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