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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The bridesmaid dress!

I received the bridesmaid dress from Tabby already! She sent it out via Australia post on 27Aug (Mon) and I received it today! In just 2 days! OMG! Mad fast!! Than when I went to see the postage cost and it's freaking AUD60! OMG! That's almost SGD80 just to ship a dress over to Singapore!!
Tabby refused to let me pay for the dress or the postage fees. Tsk!
I am so honored that her wedding is the 1st time that I'll be a bridesmaid! 

She messaged me "Don't freak out when you open the package" when she just sent it. I realized why after I opened it cos it's so pink!!! Hahaha! But it's actually folded inside out, so it's fine. The colour is gorgeous and the dress's design suits me cos I am tall and fair enough. It's just a bit too bit so I have to alter it in December before the wedding next January in Penang. I am holding off the alteration till the last minute cos I want to lose more weight! I need to look good for my best friend's wedding! :)

Now.. here's the pictures of me in the gorgeous dress.. Nice not? ^_^