Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Tabby!

Tabby came back for a short visit with Doug. :) 

Since she's only in Singapore for a few days, we did not have time to meet up and go for dinner as she had a lot of relatives to meet up.

Both Brendan and me went to her place after our movie marathon (We watched Total Recall and Bourne Legacy) for cake! Her sister bought her a very cool birthday cake and also a durian cake for us. 

Minion cake!
I thought the cake will be very dry but it turned out to be moist! :)

I bought her a teacup set and brought it to Perth when I went there to visit her.. but Brendan and I decided to get her another surprise birthday present together! We bought her a Hello Kitty Polaroid camera, 5 Hello Kitty films and a polaroid album! 

Well, it's thanks to Yaya who helped us buy it off Gmarket cos the website is so difficult to navigate.. She met us at Vivocity to pass it to us in the afternoon so I did not have the chance to take a photo of it . She joined us for a late lunch at JPot and afterwards she had to go back for dinner at the same place with her friends at 7pm! LOL!

She bought me Macadamia Nut cookies from Cookies Galore! I asked her to help me order and bring it over cos they don't do international shipping. It's so yummy! The best cookies in the world! Love it love it love it! ^_^ I'm gonna give Brendan's mama some cos she loves it too.

We stayed till over midnight to wish her Happy Birthday and left cos she had to fly back the next day.

Then.. Brendan stayed over at my place! We have a semi-permanent arrangement now where he's sleeping over at my place every Saturday! Wheee! He only stayed twice before.. Once when we both fell asleep after cuddling and he woke up at 4am and rushed home.. The other time was when his parents went overseas and he stayed over secretly. Hee! His parents always wake up around 4am and go for Qigong sessions at 5am so they will notice if he is not at home.

But now our Saturday night sleepover is legit cos he has his parent's permission! :) So for the next 3 months (until my shift changes again in November), he will pick me up from work at 3pm then we will go out for movie or meals then he will stayover.. Next day we will go to church together for the morning service then most likely have dinner with his family members at night.

This shift is the best shift ever! I work at 6am, finish work at 3pm and have Sundays & Mondays off! Moreover I get a cab charge card which means free taxi rides to work! :) I hope I get to be able to bid for this shift again.. ^_^

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