Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's in my bag?

Women in general will carry a handbag/bag cos we have so much stuff to bring. Men only need their phone, wallet & keys which they will stuff into their pockets (or into their girlfriend's bags).

In a way I think being a man is good in some ways. Very minimalist life. Even when going on overseas trips, my toiletries is easily doubled or tripled of le bf's. If I have a choice, I will still choose to be a girl. We have the excuse to buy stuff and indulge in ourselves because it's understood that women has the need to buy buy buy things and also to prettify ourselves. Usually when men do that, they will be labelled as 'gay', 'metro-sexual' or whatever.

Anyway, I have never done a "What's in my bag" post so I decided to do one today.

Below are the items that are always in my handbag...

The Coach wallet is a gift from Yaya, Joyce and Money for my 21st birthday. I've been using it ever since and though I tried changing to other wallets but I realized that this is still my favourite wallet. Blessings from my best friends. :)

I have two different headphones, my Sony walkman and my Jays earphones. The Sony is for gym and the Jays is to plug into my iPhone to listen to music when I am on the train. I just bought the Sony one at Comex and have used it a few times in the gym. It's water resistant so I can rinse it or wipe it with a wet cloth when I perspire.. also, there's no cumbersome wires that will flap around irritatingly when I run on the treadmill. I like!

I always bring my staffpass out even on my off days because I forgot to bring it to office a few times and it's super inconvenient as it contains the key to my drawer and 2 different passes which allows me access into the building and into the office. It is permanently in my handbag.

Girly stuff like lip gloss, hand cream and facial blotter. I also have tampons in my bag but they don't look very glam in pictures so I left them out..

Other miscellaneous items includes the Plantronics bluetooth earpiece that le bf bought for me, Sanyo Eneloop which belongs to le bf but I have commissioned it for my own use (heehee!), good luck charm, bag hook, hello kitty compact mirror, rubber band, house keys, Dettol wipes, tissue paper, Hello Kitty Swarovski pen that Yayin bought for me for my birthday last year, and of course, my ezlink card!

I seldom put makeup nowadays so I don't bring out my travel-sized cosmetics like I used to.

So.. what's in your bag? :)

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