Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nintendo DS XL Face Raiders

Le bf's birthday present from my friends was a Nintendo DS XL console.. I was playing with it today and there's a super funny game that's pre-installed inside called Face Raiders!

It will take a photo of your face and basically you have to throw balls at it to stop it from attacking you. It's some augmented reality stuff where you have to sweep your DS from side to side to "spot" the evil faces (which was mine) and just keep throwing stuff at it. 

You only take your photo once but there's lots of "expressions" cos the game will stretch your face to create different expressions! You will look silly, evil, sad, etc. Mad fun!
Once you have successfully "defeated" the face, it will be saved in your DS and appear on the home screen of the game. Now whenever he opens that game, he will see my face on the main page making monkey faces at him. LOL!

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