Monday, September 17, 2012

Azmi & Joy's Wedding at RSYC

This post is overdue. More than 1 month overdue!

Tweeting and Instagramming is so much faster and easier.. But I'll never stop blogging because it allows me to keep track of my thoughts and memories without restricting me to 140 characters per entry.

Anyways, Le Bf's secondary school friend had a very romantic very beautiful very gorgeous very (insert own word) at the Singapore Yacht Club on 12th August 2012.

I've been to Chinese weddings and Malay weddings but I've never attended a Western style wedding. Azmi is a Malay and Joy is a Chinese so they opted for a western theme. It's outdoors in a tent-age just by the beach.. Thank God the weather was cooperative! :)

Contrary to popular belief, having such a wedding is actually more costly than a traditional Chinese banquet at a 5 star hotel. Of course it will cost more than the traditional Malay void deck/community club wedding. I know this because I had friends who wanted to get married the Western style method and gave up when they saw the costing.. I also went to do some research on my own before. Heh!

Anyways, it was wonderfully organized and planned!

The emcee was engaging and fun, they hired the Singapore Char Siew Baos as their wedding singers (I told Le bf I must must must have the Char Siew Baos at our wedding!), the decorations was gorgeous, the wedding favour was well thought-out and everything was just perfect.

The groom and bride (both are SIA cabin crew) looks absolutely smashing. Love the bride's dress cos it's sheer at the back and it's so sexy yet elegant!

101% perfect. If I was the bride, I will be a super happy happy bride. :)

Le bf, Azmi, Joy & Me! 

Group picture with the "St Andrews" boys and other halfs.
(Le bf was from St Andrew Secondary).

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