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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Le bf's parents 30th wedding anniversary

I prepared a present for Mama Chew :)

Wrapped the present nicely so the envelope is in the middle and I can write a note on it. I love wrapping presents! :D

His parents had a mass wedding 30 years ago and they are still in contact with the other wedding couples! So cool huh? No facebook and they still can keep in touch! Wow! The mass wedding idea was so cool.. the couples even went on a mass honeymoon together to Taiwan! ^_^


 Le bf happily scooping food for me. Hee~

 Somehow it's all my favourite food! 
Prawn paste chicken, mee gorng and kong ba! 

 Nomming on yummy kong ba bao! I ate 3!! ZOMG!

 Yummy durian cake!

 I don't eat Durian but I love cake! 

Moreover this durian cake is the bomb diggity! It's made by a home baker and le bf came to pick me up from work before driving to Bukit Timah to collect the cake. It was sitting on my lap the whole way and I was so excited cos it's heavy! Which means there's lots of cake! heeheehee!

The program book from 1982! Before I was born! :)

The program book has pictures of all the couples who partook in the mass wedding! There are over 100 of them! 

 Picture of Mama Chew & Papa Chew 30years ago. Heehee!

5 years ago they had a celebration at Orchid Country Club and they were featured in the newpapers for their 25th! A reporter came today and their 30th anniversary will also be featured in the papers next week. So cool!! 

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