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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Old School Candy @ Teck Leong Lee Kee

Last Sunday was Le bf's birthday party at Royal Carousel. But I prepared the party pack way before the party. ^_^

We went to Teck Leong Lee Kee last month to buy candy that were already "hard to find" in Singapore. Candy that we used to eat when we were younger in the late 80s and early 90s..

I found the place through Google. I was searching for places to buy Ring Pops and stumbled upon the website: http://www.teckleongleekee.com.sg/

Le bf drove me to this super ulu industrial park where it's located..

Update: They have now shifted to Block 122 Bedok North Street 2 #01-112! 

Super excited when I went in cos everything was stacked so nicely! Old school stuff at wholesale prices! Mad love!

Look at all the candy!


Le bf is happy too! :D


Ding Dang!
I think the packaging looks different now compared to last time.


We bought over $100++ worth of tidbits and stuff. I've already tried the things we bought and was happy with some, disappointed with some. The ring pop is made in Thailand and it's all melty and gooey.. tasted different too. I guess most of the old school candy manufacturers have stopped making them and now mostly are copies of the original. 

Look at the cute favour boxes I bought to put the candy in! :)

It's flat packed so I have to fold it myself..

Look look! It's the Mystery Machine! Mad cute!!
Had lots of fun filling up the boxes! :) I love parties!

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