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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shyanne's 1st month celebration!

Shyanne is 1 month old! 

Le bf didn't know what to do for his god-daughter, being a first time godfather and all... But thank God he has me for everything! :)

He's lucky to have me cos even though he knows lots of techie stuff, he is totally clueless when it comes to social events, etiquette and stuff.. Mr Chew living in his batcave.. I'm always filling him on "Did you know" trivia about everything and anything that is not techie related...

We went over to her place the night before to help her with the decorations and preparations of red eggs! Woo! I love red eggs! (Not to eat, but to see.. haha!)

She had the idea of putting ribbons around the eggs, so I bought the "It's a Girl!" ribbon for her and helped her stick them onto the eggs. She and her mother prepared the eggs before I arrived... thank God cos I don't know how to make!! LOL!

Before and after I stuck on the ribbons. :)
I even tied a ribbon around the basket and managed to make it into a pretty bow! Since I am not a very artsy person (though I like to play with arts and crafts -- but sadly, no talent), it's a big achievement ok?

Posing with my basket of red eggs. Happy!

A few weeks before the party, I've already started researching for baby shower related products.. A lot of nice items have to be ordered from the US and the shipping costs are usually higher than my entire order so I scrapped the idea of ordering overseas.

Searched through a few local websites for party supplies and decided to buy balloons & decoration stuff from  http://www.mtradenoveltystore.com/

Their prices are generally cheaper, their website easy to navigate, and best of all.. they are very flexible when it comes to the order! When I changed my mind about some of the items after placing the order & paying with my credit card, they allowed me to change without questions asked and when the items I changed to were cheaper, they returned me cash when they delivered the goods! Super nice of them! Only minus point was they don't deliver during weekends, so I had to ask them to deliver the balloons yesterday for today's party.. I ordered the better lasting foil helium balloons cos the latex ones won't last till the party starts. Free delivery for orders above $150 but there's an additional $30 charge regardless of order amount for helium balloons. 

I ordered Tinkerbell cos Jeraldine loves Tinkerbell! And I also ordered pink Safari themed balloons. :) Yes, I must pose with the red eggs cos it took me 1hour plus to stick the ribbons (enjoyed every minute of it!), my fingers were stained red (proof of labour!) and I only accidentally broke one egg! ONLY ONE!! Well, it's just a small crack cos I held it too hard when I tried to stick the ribbon on.. But given my clumsiness, one egg is a big achievement ok! Lots of #AchievementUnlocked moments. Whoop whoop!

I bought an extra balloon for Cheryl (Le bf's sister) because she loves Patrick Starfish. I asked him to hold the balloon so I can take a picture and he posed like Patrick. HAHA! So cute right! When I instagrammed the photo to show Cheryl, she asked: "Did you ask him to pose like that? It's so not him to pose like that!"

Well, I guessed his sisters are seeing a different side of their elder brother because they are following me on Twitter & Instagram? Haha! Le bf seldom tweets, but he checks Twitter very frequently mainly because I rant a lot on Twitter and he can keep himself updated on what's going on when we are not together. 

This morning I went to Nex Mall to refill the balloons that Jeraldine received during her delivery. One is from me (left) and one from her friend.. It's only $2 each for the refill and it's as good as new! Le bf came to Nex to pick me up and we arrived at her place before noon to help out with last minute decoration and also to play with Shyanne! (The party starts at 1.30pm).

Le bf stuck the banner and place the safari themed balloons at the piano. I love the pink elephants! And the giraffe is mad cute! So tall!

Jeraldine likes the colour purple, so it's purple, black and white theme for the house. I love their house! It's the kind of house I want to have for myself cos it's so uncluttered and well designed! The master bedroom's door is actually a mirror so at one glance so you would think there's only 1 door to the common room! And the common toilet in the living room also has a hidden door! No handles! You have to push it at a certain spot to open it!! Mad cool!

Spot the 2 star balloons in the other corner of the living room!
And baby Shyanne in the foreground! :)

Jeraldine put Tinkerbell in Shyanne's room, watching over her cot.
Awww. So cute! And she pasted the sheep stickers herself!

The baby room used to be a guest room and this is the day bed. Now it's used by her mother who's staying with her to help with the baby. Spot the pink elephants! -- Yes I am obsessed with pink elephants!!

Now... time to see the baby! She has grown a lot! Super super chubby and cute! OMG!


Totally ignored me. LOL!

Love love!

She is one of the easiest babies to take care of! She doesn't cry except when she's hungry, she sleeps a lot, she doesn't throw tantrums, she is a very healthy baby and she's so undemanding! You can just leave her there and she will just sleep quietly or stare at the ceiling.. Ultra mad cute! And anyone can carry her! She's not fussy over who carries her.. unlike some babies who think they very atas by "choosing" people to carry (which I think is plain annoying. So atas for what?).

I pray that my baby will be like her. Fuss free!!

While they are feeding her and changing her clothes, the food arrived!

Buffet Spread! Spot the pink elephants!

I wanted to arrange the elephants on the table (I bought a few of them) but the wind was too strong so we had to stick them on the pillars instead.

Le bf posing with the food. Heehee!

I just realised I did not take picture of the food! Well, there's Pandan chicken, curry chicken, fried mee siam (mad nice), tofu, cereal prawn and ORH NEE (yam paste). Drools!

Super happy happy day for the new parents and le bf who is a proud godfather of a sweet angelic baby. :) 

Now I can't wait for her 1st year's birthday celebrations! WHEEE!

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